(Guide) CrossBreeder App - reduce lag, optimizes internet and block ads on Android

Another disadvantage of Android over iOS , Windows Phone is the mid-range Android devices come down quite often lag although it is running Android 4.1 with Project Butter matter . This is because although the cheap Android devices are configured terrible advertising , their hardware quality is poor and can not afford to shoulder the operating system . Another reason is the operating system of the manufacturer is not optimal , not smooth as the original Android interface running on Nexus devices .

Is there a way that Android users or do to improve performance is to overclock . However, this is not recommended because of danger , harm to the hardware. Therefore, developers have been investigating ways to improve performance without any damage , do not consume additional battery power . This article will introduce you to a fairly applications called CrossBreeder , internet optimization , reducing lag on Android .
(Guide) CrossBreeder - reduce lag, optimizes internet and block ads on Android

1 . What is CrossBreeder
CrossBreeder the new solutions help improve performance , reduce interface lag without consuming battery . CrossBreeder Android devices have required root and custom recovery ( TWRP or CWM are ) .

2 . Principle of operation
CrossBreeder has 5 main features :

a. Optimize your internet
Usually these applications need an active internet lag is because we need the time machine handle DNS . CrossBreeder will optimizes this by creating a DNS caching , parallel processing machine . Understand how literally you want to learn skills that are in this link .
CrossBreeder also features ad blocking host using a static page containing the usual ad and act as a DNS server , leading all the ads on empty pages .

b . Improved Entropy
This function is analogous Seeder , but use 1 CrossBreeder faster and lighter mechanism Seeder to generate random code for the operating system . This reduces CPU consumption , saving more battery .

c . Reduce wakelock
Wakelock is the automated process running and consuming the battery . CrossBreeder will reduce this by optimizing the kernel

3 . Installation Instructions
Ask the machines have root , install custom recovery

We have 3 files :
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