Why BlackBerry failure ? A story told from the inside

BlackBerry currently fall into a difficult position . It has announced a loss of $ 965 million , which is largely due to costs incurred BlackBerry Z10 machine unsold inventory . Jabil manufacturing partners are preparing to cease cooperation with the BlackBerry , the company itself is proposed to be privatized firm at just $ 4.7 billion . So what factors led to the failure of the BlackBerry ? The Globe and Mail news agency did a little documentary to find the cause of BlackBerry goes down very rapidly in recent years .
Why BlackBerry failure ? A story told from the inside
Why BlackBerry failure ? A story told from the inside
The main point in the article :
Shortly after Apple released the first generation iPhone , the Verizon network in the U.S. has asked BlackBerry to create a touchscreen phone with the ability to " kill the iPhone " However, the results are not successful , the should switch to Verizon cooperation with Motorola and Google then .
In 2012, the current CEO Jim Balsillie is leaving the company leadership BlackBerry to protest plans to focus on instant messaging software His Thorsten Heins was canceled .
BlackBerry co-founders Mike Lazaridis , did not agree with plans to launch the Blackberry 10 phones and devices that support the physical keyboard . But CEO Thorsten Heins is now with his team does not listen to recommendations by Lazaridis and then launched the Z10 and obtained worse results .
Late last year , RIM CEO Thorsten Heins sat down with the board to reconsider plans to launch a new smartphone with the ability to change the future of the company . Heins carry weapons such as BlackBerry Z10 , a thin phone with a large touch screen in the same category devices helped Apple and Samsung take the smartphone market leader .

However, one member of the board of directors , is the co-founder Michael Lazaridis , are opposed to this plan . He said that RIM is having problems in the company culture and the Z10 is the product made ​​it manifest itself most explicitly . Previously there were two other people to talk to Lazaridis , the director of marketing and director Frank Boulben Kristian Tear coordination . Couple this with Lazaridis said that the market for phones with physical keyboard is dead .

Returning to the board meeting , Mr. Lazaridis was just on a BlackBerry with a keyboard and said, " I understand about this device " . Then he pointed to a BlackBerry touch and say " I do not understand it ." The co-founders warned that the move from one device is effectively good business with corporate customers to a sensor would be a big mistake . Of course , some people on the board do not agree with this .

This meeting is a great influence to the decline of RIM ( later renamed BlackBerry ) , which is typical losses of $ 965 million due to the Z10 has not been sold . Following a series of other adverse events as noted in the article .

The Globe and Mail newspaper said that they did a small survey by interviewing about two dozen former employees and current employees of RIM , since it was discovered that there was a long slide at the management level director and director of the company . This causes damage to the power and resilience of corporate development in the context of competition with other smartphone manufacturers are increasingly more intense .

From a company that is always ahead of the not one but two steps , RIM now become a passive group , blinded by the success in the past and can not get them from happening again . And thanks to many years ago , the BlackBerry smartphone ever to dominate the world , and even U.S. President Barack Obama makes drug development . But after rivals like Apple and Samsung jumped on to redefine the market , RIM has responded by offering a series of inappropriate computer , missing many potential customers and draw another line of danger insurance for yourself .

Many months before the aforementioned meeting , CEO and founder Lazaridis Heins has encountered a problem related to the company's strategy with Jim Balsillie , co- CEO at the time and also the longtime partner of Lazaridis . Balsillie to execute a good plan newsroom , which is to promote the development of instant messaging service BBM , to convince the network and use BBM instead of traditional SMS system . No matter which phone users are spending is, everyone should keep the message on to use BBM message .

This is a very strange plan . Balsillie believe that if RIM can attract hundreds of millions of BlackBerry users who do not switch to BBM messaging and charging them , it could collect a huge profit . An unnamed employee related to this plan commented " this is a really great idea ." However, this plan was not carried out because the BlackBerry 's CEO Heins to do early last year , he and Lazaridis have canceled the ambitious project with BBM . As for Balsillie , he withdrew from the board a few weeks later and no longer in a relationship with the company . Balsillie said that " The reason I left RIM in May 3/2012 which is due to the company's decisions regarding cancellation of strategic conversation BBM turned into a multi- service platform ."
Why BlackBerry failure ? A story told from the inside
Why BlackBerry failure ? A story told from the inside
Heins now CEO of BlackBerry
Currently , RIM's future is still by no means clear . Lazaridis , a talented engineer who founded RIM should just from a small office at Waterloo in 1984 , and " feel the pain " for the company's situation . " I can not imagine that my employees are thinking. Everybody is talking about the worst case scenario when the company collapsed and had to sell her . What will happen to the Waterloo area , or to Canada ? Industry company will replace us ? "

The development of competition
Mike Lazaridis are sitting at home watching TV when he first saw Apple 's iPhone in 2007 . There are a few things he did not know about this product . Therefore , in the summer of the year , he opened an iPhone and shocked when Apple could fit both a Mac into a phone . For him , a line like fiddling has developed a self- oscillator and a computer when I was in high school , the iPhone is a device that broke all the rules now . Up to 700MB OS and use up to two processors , while BlackBerry only one processor and operating system with a capacity of a mere 32MB . Unlike the BlackBerry , the iPhone has a full web browser . That means it 's exhausting the network such as AT & T , which had not previously allowed the network to take place . RIM on the other hand , firms spend a browser simply to limit the amount that consumers spent .

In an interview , Lazaridis recalls: " I asked myself ' How did they ( Apple ) can cause AT & T to allow that ? ' . It will demolish infrastructure took it. And in fact , the iPhone has each condition that caused a few times . " In addition, he also told his staff that " if BlackBerry iPhone catch up , we will have to compete with a Mac , not a Nokia phone ."

It's inside , but outside it Lazaridis and Balsillie still makes people see that the iPhone does not appear too serious with BlackBerry because the machine still lacks many basic features , battery life is short , the security low density , and good email support . The shortage is causing RIM to become complacent about their products . " But that's just marketing alone ," Lazaridis explained , " you position your strengths against your opponent's weaknesses ."

Very soon after the iPhone launched , RIM has valuable opportunity to compete directly with the iPhone . RIM's smartphones helped Verizon Wireless successful . In the context of a contract offer Apple iPhone exclusively for rival carriers AT & T , Verizon needs a competitive offering and pulled her towards customers . So Verizon executives looking to RIM in December 6/2007 to require RIM to develop a phone that can kill the iPhone . This product must of course touch screen and no physical keyboard . Verizon will help RIM to launch this model in the U.S. with a large -scale marketing . RIM's leaders to immediately eye on this suggestion , and this is said Balsillie important strategic opportunity that RIM ever since the company was trading a pager .

Verizon phone that developed by RIM finally released, it was the BlackBerry Storm . This project is the most ambitious and complex that the company had made ​​, but " the technology is so fast and the graft was not ready ," said a former senior project related to Storm commented .
The development of competition
The development of competition
Storm also released quite late , it was not until nearly Thanksgiving holiday in November 2008 launched recently . In addition, many customers also hate this phone because of its touch screen , as well as the first touchscreen phone RIM brought up , too difficult to use . Users have to emphasize to the screen to confirm operation , which people do not think about the manipulation on the iPhone. It also slower and more error arises . Balsillie is still a success for the statement that the launch of Storm is " a great success " .

Campaign for Storm does not seem so bad at the time because RIM is in the process of expanding into global markets . 8/2009 , Fortune Magazine named RIM as the fastest growing company in the world. The next year , research firm comScore released a report showing that 4 in 5 smartphone users in the U.S. say they will phone to buy in the next three months will be the BlackBerry .

But the Storm was not successful in helping Verizon get products capable of killing the iPhone , and RIM is soon stopped developing this project . So Google and Verizon look to the new operating system : Android . Both work together to build a major marketing campaign for the Motorola Droid ( in Vietnam , this device is called Motorola Milestone ) in 2009 . That makes the BlackBerry product loses money to support a great ad . Campaign " idon't " focus on the weaknesses of the iPhone and offer alternatives on Android , focus additionally they talk about friendly interface with consumers on this OS .

Rather than hurt Apple , Droid and other Android phones started taking over the market share of Palm and Microsoft , and then was robbed of the RIM market share . By 12/2010 , Android market share in the U.S. has increased to 23.5 % , while a year ago the figure was 5.2 % . But RIM's market share in the hands of the reduced 10 % to 31.6 % . By the end of 2011 , Android accounted for 47.2 % U.S. mobile market , RIM is only 16 % .

The translation of smartphone users
Post- iPhone phase is the phase that RIM have much trouble in their business strategy . According to Patrick Spence , a former vice president of global sales of RIM and has left the company last year , the entire industry " was like being schizophrenic " . " There was a time trying to keep the traffic network where users can consume at predictable. Then switch to a stage where the user wants the network spent more traffic , where iPhone has become more attractive . "

If there are new rules of the game , RIM will need new tools to comply with such laws. In the summer after the Storm launch , Mr. Lazaridis acquired Torch Mobile , a company that specializes in developing software for the phone browser . But the transformation process , also known as " port" , Torch browser to the system is highly customizable RIM too complicated and time-consuming . RIM 's technology platform is built using Java code of the computer and the operating system have been around since the 1990s , while Apple and Android platforms , and use the new standard to help developers easily build friendly interface to the user . " This means that we do not build toward the future ," Mr. Lazaridis said . And to survive , RIM forced to change their own DNA .

RIM's leaders know that they have time to regenerate companies . For years , RIM can overcome many of its competitors successfully . Even when Apple launched the iPhone , it is not a product of interest to the group 's most loyal RIM : business and government . The rich client still while RIM will follow its overcoming technological issues .

But smartphone users to quickly view changes to application software . They not only buy phones based on hardware anymore . RIM recognizes that this transition too difficult . RIM's traditional technique to help companies create phones with high performance and long battery life for business customers . But unfortunately, these features make the technology director of the group is not interested in the concerns of the masses .

A former RIM employees interviewed by The Globe And Mail says that " the problem is not that we stop listening to our customers. Believe we understand what our customers need for longer than the opponents . users can say ' I want a faster browser ' , we will say again that ' you think you prefer a faster browser , but you do not want to spend too much money on their bills online . if the user says ' I want to touch phone ' , we will say ' but you do not want your phone dies at 2pm .' "

The RIM must find a way to please both his audience - individual users and businesses - can make the end result is not satisfied with any group at all. In 2010, when RIM " show off " application plans to add cameras , games and music on their products to chief technology officer of the company in the Fortune 500 list , RIM has no doubt been caused by later ones . These companies do not want customers personalized applications installed on your phone company , according to a former employee of RIM .

Meanwhile , some consumers do not care about battery issues and security features . They want to have a variety of applications . iOS and Android to help third-party developers to easily develop applications for both operating systems , while the BlackBerry , they have to work harder when faced with complex Java systems .

The written application for BlackBerry that looks " silly " than programs written in the language of performance , and the simulator provided by RIM not accurately reflect the actual experience on the device . That comment Nimegeers Trevor , founder of the company had a long wmode writing app for BlackBerry . In addition, RIM also made ​​too many regulations before allowing the application to run on the BlackBerry and it makes the creation of the development is constrained . " The programmers want her to be welcomed , not controlled ." That is also the reason that applications such as Instagram or Tumblr was hot to say no to BlackBerry .

A company is divided
One of RIM's success in the previous phase structure of the group is good . Often a company will not have two CEOs , while Lazaridis said RIM is focused on a technical level , product management and supply chain , and Mr. Balsillie is supervised sales, financial and other things to help businesses operate . For a long time , the two CEOs were extremely coordinated together with the food . Lazaridis to the phone , and then sell them Balsillie .

But things are two-sided . As BlackBerry became a company with annual revenues exceeded $ 20 billion , this structure makes making core decisions become more difficult , the division of responsibilities and more complex . That makes RIM clearly slowed . James Moorman , an analyst from the company S & P Capital IQ Equity Research , commented that " They ( RIM ) is always slower than the market , and they are always delayed launch . This is a combination of miscalculation the rate at which the consumer market will change . "

A staff revealed that sometimes , the words comments from customers have the ability to inspire a series of major changes were killed between complex management processes , because the other senior members of the Lazaridis bring it up for attention .

The company is divided into two that RIM lacks a strong enough force to coordinate director Larry Conlee retired in 2009 . Mr. Conlee was " holding the whip ," the decisions and set deadlines for the company . After he goes, many employees have an attitude that appears in RIM delays . " No public official in the group of products that can help complete the job before the deadline ."

BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 10
After too dependent on their technology for a long time , he decided Lazaridis next innovation will come from outside RIM . 4/ 2010 RIM announced acquisition of QNX Software , a software vendor has provided the foundation bricks for BlackBerry 10 operating system today . Lazaridis said that RIM is also needed to overcome this fundamental crisis .

QNX is a company specializing in industrial control . The new software tool they have been put into a lot of things , from center answer calls to 911 for wireless communication systems in vehicles . The leaders felt that BlackBerry 's QNX technology will be the perfect one for smartphone and tablet .

So Lazaridis QNX group decided to separate them out to focus on writing a new operating system , the programmer 's current RIM will continue to work with BlackBerry 7 . He was hoping that QNX , led by CEO Dan Dodge , could bring the entire group back into work .

But first , RIM needs to answer a key question : If it wants to restructure the QNX -based BlackBerry , which is the best way to do this ? It should move some Java applications based on BB10 or old to write all over again ? If companies abandon Java , what will happen to the programmers still use it ?

These decisions are not easy at all. The discussions between senior officials of RIM both take place in a year, and such amount of time is too long . Finally, RIM has finally been decided : BlackBerry 10 will be completely new posts . Again , was cut into two companies : one group focused on the BB10 , a team still working on BB7 .

Lazaridis said : " We bought an incredibly powerful operating system and need to move it . Every week , I receive requests to hire people , provide additional resources . Thorny question is do How can I withdraw the BB7 are resources to rewrite based on QNX software ? "

The pain called PlayBook
The first work of the group that wrote the QNX operating system to spend the Playbook , RIM 's answer to Apple 's iPad tablet . Lazaridis see here is the map for the BlackBerry smartphone later and he was very impressed with what the team has brought to the Playbook . " It helps our programmers to experience the power and elegance of QNX ," he said .

But back to the QNX team resources to complete the Playbook . A similar problem occurs with the following BlackBerry 10 . This tablet was introduced in the fall of 2010 , but not until 4/ 2011 new sold. Machine lacks email , contacts management application and effectiveness is important not rich app store . Again , RIM has failed : Tablet sold well as a device to run independent , Playbook also need to depend too much on the BlackBerry device.
Why BlackBerry failure ?
Why BlackBerry failure ?
When preparing to deploy BlackBerry Playbook , there were many doubts about the success of this tablet , it is said that it is useless and only loss costs only. Also, those who do not work in the QNX team began to fear for the future of her . As a former employee of the Globe And Mail interview " the most logical thing is that companies should include two parts of its operating system together . As such , you will have a large group of 150 people , not just smiles it's " I do not know what to do next " , while 150 others were saying " I 'm like crazy up here " " .

At the same time , RIM did not have a smartphone only strong enough to help the capital market is a sharp decline and loss at the hands of Apple and Android , especially in the U.S. . 12/2010 , Verizon introduced 4G LTE network infrastructure to meet the needs of increasing Internet surfing , and this is Verizon's signal sent to the manufacturers that they are in need of a smartphone can take advantage of this network . In addition, Verizon 4G LTE also want to use as an advantage to advertise .

RIM has actually prepared to step into the market with 4G LTE BlackBerry 10 , but the problem is RIM's operating system is far from perfect . RIM 's management has sent engineers to talk to the 4G network that efficiently than 3G , and the BB Bold phone lines still good . Lazaridis , Heins and former chief technology officer David Yach " trying to drive the debate because they know that RIM's product is not yet ready . This is a war to help the BlackBerry phones are still in the the advertisement of the network . 're missing We support the sales channel and the lack of advertising in terms of features too , "one former RIM employee share .

In addition, the PlayBook and the BlackBerry 10 delay also hurt the company in other ways too . For years , Yach and Lazaridis have coordinated together with the food . Then , Yach started asking questions about the ability to complete before the target deadline , but sadly, his looks are not interested and he feels like he is no longer a player in the team again . It contributes to damage their relationship with RIM Yach , according to some observers , and so he left the company in early 2012 .

2011 is an important milestone for RIM when its stock price fell from $ 69 ( Canadian ) in February to less than $ 15 by the end of the year . The pressure began to weigh on Balsillie , Lazaridis and corporate leadership . By May 1/2012 , they left the chair and CEO give back to Thorsten Heins , a German employee who is responsible for the company's mobile division .

Almost immediately , another problem arises in the implementation of BlackBerry 10 . According to the original plan , the company will launch the full version of touch before , because sales of the BlackBerry 7 phones with keyboards are still good . But in 2012 , began to plunge in BlackBerry 7 , and Lazaridis feel that companies need to move the focus to put the keyboard BB10 to market to meet the needs of the BlackBerry faithful . He told his staff that the keyboard is first created for BlackBeryr monument and it is also one of the reasons that people buy BlackBerry .

Group CEO Heins 's the remains of his intentions , sources revealed to The Globe and Mail . " They believe that everything will go towards full touch " and QNX platforms really better than the other mobile operating systems on the market .

For Lazaridis , to give the competitive advantage the company hopes customers will add a welcome touch screen device is a risky strategy . That prompted a debate took place as described in the first part of the article . Finally, the board also agreed to develop a Q10 with the keyboard , but the touch screen Z10 will be released first.

At the Z10 debuted earlier this year , everyone agrees that this product was delayed 2 years compared with other devices . Former Vice President Spence noted that the acquisition of QNX is the right thing , but " we were not fast enough . Everybody has underestimated the complexity of the BB10 platform development ."

BBM Plan with
In 20 years , Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have mutually supportive activities and creating a partnership can help each person 's strengths to maximize . They shared an office together in the early years , even spending overall for voicemail password . By the time RIM grew , they began to work in separate buildings but still talk to each other several times a day . " They have a relationship that I would have wished to be with my wife ," a mid-level employee said . However, they have different personalities and lives of both less common when they leave office . They rarely talk to each other after they leave.

For Lazaridis , science is just the job , just a hobby . Balsillie , the back is an enthusiastic athletes and celebrities with his overbearing . You see the difficulty in RIM as a demanding job and not a passion like other ingenious CEO Steve Ballmer of Microsoft or Steve Jobs of Apple .

Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis rarely disagree on issues related to the operation of the company , until last year they worked together . Lazaridis believe that BB 10 will be a revival is heralded for RIM , Balsillie was not sure how . Balsillie was worried that gooogle market manipulation Android smartphone to offer for free to any manufacturer to use . In 2011, the network has also warned him they would increase their order at the BlackBerry unless he lowered price to match the competition .

So Mr . Balsillie began to adopt an alternative plan .
The idea started with Aaron Brown , an official at the department is custodian of RIM services . In 2010, this division recorded $ 800 million per quarter from the charge of the network access based on each user's BlackBerry . More than 90 % of which is profit . The network is always about avoiding this charge , Apple and Google typically does not collect such fees , but it goes against RIM . Balsillie continue to think that the money collected from the network needs to be continued , while other officials said that the weakening position of the array devices will also lead to a decrease of the services sector .
BBM Plan with
BBM Plan with
After a bad 2011 , RIM still many competitive advantages , such as close relationships with major operators worldwide . It also BlackBerry Messenger , which was developed in 2005 to help the users to chat with each other using the PIN . This is the instant messaging service built first for the network , and it was quickly successful . This service is stable , free and always turn makes the user feel like it when a message can be sent without the cost of traditional SMS money . The PIN code is a random code , not email or phone , to increase privacy . That helps BBM become extremely popular in many countries do not have freedom of information and help boost sales of BB in these places .

Programmers build BBM has added several components help application becomes more attractive . For example , a user can know when a message has been sent to your friends ( the letter D ) , when the message is read ( the letter R ) . Currently there are still 60 million active BBM users monthly .

But BBM only run with the BlackBerry device . In the context of Apple and Android is taking off , many other services have similar features launched BBM and can operate on many different devices . These include Viber , WhatsApp , Kik .

RIM believes it can touch this trend . In late 2010 and early 2011 , Aaron Brown Director of CIAM services sector started to talk to the provision Balsillie BBM on other platforms . Balsillie liked the idea , and they also want the BBM network to offer its customers a comfortable way , no matter what device they are spending .

Most home networks are not like the instant messaging service , or Over The Top ( OTT ) because they cause reduced revenue from SMS . To address this uyet , the network was jointly developed platform " rich communication service" ( RCS ) allows the user to send messages , video , gaming and many other digital content . But this project also unsuccessful .

SMS 2.0
Balsillie jump in and give the idea that network operators can use to help improve BBM messaging experience of the user . Thus , the network has more sources of revenue , and they will share a portion for RIM . Balsillie called the " SMS 2.0 " . RIM agreed to reduce the amount of service revenues , in return the company to get access to hundreds of millions of consumers are not spending BlackBerry .

Balsillie and Brown had discussions with many different options . For example , the BBM network can provide as part of the package " voice call and messaging " for the low -range smartphone users . And thanks to BBM features that help your customers to buy more network packets .

Alternatively , the strong can make expensive package that includes BBM and other BlackBerry incentives , such as the 1GB of cloud storage to store photos and music . The network can then also sell other services , such as radio , via BBM . This move can also help customers more loyal because they can not move data easily to rival services .

SMS 2.0 Plan is an opportunity to help BBM chat service became the dominant school and was able to write up a story with the BlackBerry brand . Some networks have also responded positively to the suggestion of Balsillie and mid- 2011 , he was referred to SMS 2.0 is the most important plans of the company .
SMS 2.0
SMS 2.0
To go to this strategy of dealing and also to build a multi- service platform , RIM needs to buy some companies , such as instant messaging companies such LiveProfile . The service now has 15 million users and has been active in the Apple and Google platforms . This helps get the BlackBerry " multi-platform " for BBM . But the plan to split the company further . Many employees feel that BBM platform is very reasonable , but only if BB 10 launch . Balsillie is felt that it is too late to wait for BB10 .

Spence said: " It is fair to say the risk of equipment sales is a concern for anyone I've ever talked . However also deny the fact that revenue from texting and is reduced . operators need a solution and BBM are viable solutions for them. "

A former employee felt that Balsillie had overestimated the revenue that he can gain from their strategies . When talking about SMS 2.0 Balsillie , CEO Heins and his group immediately expressed much doubt surrounding this plan . So start planning Heins " kill " SMS 2.0 .

Regarding Lazaridis , his supporters to talk to BBM rival platforms , but also worried about the cost and risk associated with SMS 2.0 , according to a source close to RIM board . "We 're not in a position to offer a free service that investing a lot of money will not bring any benefit within a few years even if we succeed ." Like others , Lazaridis worried about sales of the device again .

However, the extremely believed Balsillie SMS 2.0 is the right direction for the company . After the plan to the CEO of the 12 largest mobile operator in the world in late 2011 , he believed he could sign a contract with at least one carrier in the U.S. , which is AT & T , in addition to Telefonica and a two other names in Europe . He thought that it was only this much to convince enough customers to use the BBM network .

But if not promptly implement SMS 2.0 which is expected to be introduced in January 2/2013 , the CEO Lazaridis gave way for Heins . A few weeks later , Heins and Lazaridis has officially canceled plans Balsillie . "We need to bring BB10 to market and it can not be delayed anymore . All other things are just secondary . And if that's not stopping the appropriate strategy , not completed or required too much resources , I think that Heins did the right thing , "said a person close to the board revealed .

Reply to an email from The Globe and Mail about why he decided to cancel the project SMS 2.0 , Heins said that " There are too many instant messaging services on the market , so we need to be careful and only deployment when something becomes really help BBM difference . " And as everyone knows , Balsillie resigned in March and then sold their shares .
SMS 2.0
SMS 2.0
It was not until a few weeks before launching the new BlackBerry BBM on Android and iPhone . Although the chat application has been postponed release but it can be considered as objective error . BBM now exists as a separate application , not deeply integrated into the core of the operating system competitors . Andrew Bocking , who is BBM manager , said that sharing photos, calendars , contacts , create group chats "helped BBM to a whole new level . Believe that I have the opportunity to become a BBM system an array of IM and the winner will be all . "

The failure called  BlackBerry Z10

Initially , Z10 received many reviews from the experts . But eight months later , things are not good anymore . BlackBerry ads for Super Bowl shown at too general and troublemakers , many people did not understand what the message is . There followed the news , no comments from the media , everything is different from what happened with the iPhone .
The failure called Z10
The failure called Z10
Again , the market is shifting , and demand for Z10 too little , Android and iOS become more popular , the phone quickly decline . The advantage of RIM 's physical keyboard , did not appear at the time of launch BB10 . Those who want to buy a new phone of RIM who prefer the keyboard, so that RIM launched the Z10 before and lost one of their major clients .

Turns out the plan of Balsillie and Lazaridis are proven to be true . Too hard to compete in the smartphone market today . The launch of a product market has made false hopes of recovery BlackBerry becomes more difficult . In addition, the Z10 is hard to sell because of some other reason , and according to a source is because an employee can take up to an hour to demonstrate products to customers . Many former BB users , the new OS feels too strange and different from what they are interested . A number of points have been omitted QNX programmer , such as you can not press the letter U to quickly read or unread messages , you can not switch to next message easily as what they can do with the old BB .

Meanwhile , BlackBerry too slow in providing services for corporate customers . It is not good help in moving legacy applications to BB10 , programmers feel they are in the dead end knowing that they will have to rewrite your app if you want to continue business in the BB world . Some people do not care , so they leave.

Regarding Lazaridis , he does not easily give up his company has built up in the past 29 years . He remains a shareholder of the BlackBerry , and continued in the rumors that the company would purchase . He declined to comment on the rumors , but insisted that BlackBerry 's story is not over yet . " Many companies have gone through up and down cycles . Was Intel , IBM was , Apple also . Our mission is to create companies , and I believe that BB10 will work ."

Why China's plan is canceled ?
In the summer of 2010 , chairwoman Barbara Stymiest RIM's Jim Balsillie and companies to China Investment Corp ( CIC ) , an investment company owned by the Chinese government hopes to establish a joint venture . Those involved in the discussion said that Balsillie and CIC has achieved preliminary agreements in 2011 , under which Beijing agreed to become a vendor RIM mobile operating system for the Chinese , a in the major markets , with the growth rate of the world's fastest and eggs almost closed to foreign competitors .

A new company will be established in this country are owned by CIC , RIM and many manufacturers other Chinese phones . This joint venture company will sell the phones are made in China and of course we will run RIM's BlackBerry OS , of course, have the right to use agreement .

Beijing's Balsillie and very excited with this plan , but according to insiders , the co- CEOs Mike Lazaridis and many other directors are concerned that the CIC will work with companies that do not focus on the eyes new BB10 phones . And despite talks in nearly two years , but then suddenly everything stopped. Shortly after CEO Thorsten Heins on hold , said China plans were canceled on


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