Google Nexus 7 ver 2, a completely new makeover step?

As a consumer, if you have heard the excitement if Google Nexus tablet 7 the next version has a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels, 5MP camera, 8mm thin, come and wireless charging technology stop only at $ 199?

This is an analysis of Mr. Mingchi Kuo, the KGI group. According to Kuo, the event Google I / O this year, the two partners Google and ASUS will launch Nexus 7 version features a new generation completely beyond the old version, it is important that only limited price in the sub-$ 200, a modest
figure, that Google Nexus 7 can become "violent man" most of the configuration and price in this segment.
Parameters, configure the Nexus 7 ver 2 Mingchi Kuo, KGI analysis

Before the analysis and evaluation of KGI also very accurate, very reliable, eg related to the launch date, configure and price of Apple products, now based on the information related to Google Nexus 7 KGI version 2 which has just announced, the technology community and the consumer has the right to believe and hope that a new Nexus 7 extreme quality and $ 199 is completely acceptable.


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