Guide Print the document on the BlackBerry Z10

Have you ever wondered how to print documents directly from your Blackberry 10? Follow I know there are 2 ways to do this is through software and Breezy Print via Dropbox. The printing via Dropbox is simple and easy to implement, so it is pretty common, a lot of users. Basically, you will create one folder in dropbox, when copying files into this document, it will automatically be printed.

1. Conditions
Install Dropbox on your PC and Z10
There Dropbox account (used to declare both the PC and Z10)
PC must be connected to a printer

2. Install Dropbox on your PC

Download Dropbox at: Install on your PC and register an account (taking account registered for Z10), log dropbox

Declare the proxy can connect to Dropbox (for network proxy to use light, computer at home, no need to tell that to Auto-detect)

Download ePrint file, click on eprint.vbs file, it will automatically create a folder in Dropbox on your PC PrintQueue
3. Install Dropbox on Z10

Install Dropbox on the Z10 and the same login account on the PC offline account, then each time you want to print just copy needed files in the folder is automatically printed PrintQueue


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