Instructions for installing the root rom is available for Xperia S, SL through CMW

The current problem is that when Jelly Bean update on the Xperia S, SL through PC Companion or via FlashTool then the root of this rom is gone and we have to root manually later.

For those who are still using Android 4.0.4 and root it is possible to install the root rom Jelly Bean has the
following available through CMW. Apply for Xperia S and Xperia SL.


- Machine has root and install CMW

- Running FW stock .45/.50/.55

How to install:

- Copy the file to the memory card

- At CMW Format and Unmount / system partition

- Install the zip file

- Reboot

- Machine will automatically run and restart the installation process, takes a long time

- After completing have to reboot 1-2 will be more stable.

Original thread at XDA


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