iPhone 5S/6 will have a Retina display with twice the pixels now?

Weiphone, a Chinese website previously published exact leak some information about the products that Apple has continued to iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) will be the new Retina display with the number of pixels (pixels) Retina display twice as much current as the screen size remains unchanged, while border of the screen will also thinner. This page also says the new iPhone will be launched in September this year.

Retina display of the iPhone is one of the best screens on the market today. When labeled Retina mean look at a normal distance, you will not be able to see the pixels on the screen the image looks very slick and smooth. So if you double the number of pixels up again without increasing the size of the screen display quality will be even better. Known upcoming annual event Apple WWDC will take place from June 10 to 14 and this is when Apple will officially introduce their new products. All rumors, leaks in the hope users will be revealed here.
According to BGR, weiphone


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