Leak Nokia EOS polycarbonate shell design, tapered head 2 screens like 925?

Does Nokia EOS will be designed like this? (Picture for illustration purposes only).

Even though a Windows Phone handset with PureView 41MP camera has not been introduced in the Nokia event in London on the 3rd, but information about it continues to leak, and we have reason to wait. Today, a user encounters a Nokia device for the EOS and this has provided the first description of the site WMPoweruser.

"Equipment is made of polycarbonate shell, thick as Nokia Lumia 920 in the middle, but tapering to 2 makes the overall design look thinner. Lenses are placed in a circular frame and not protruding out much. Upstream, the light Xenon flash and camera clusters are smaller than the Nokia 808 PureView. Besides flash a red LED light that can support features.

The lens is protected by a lid, automatically open when triggered camera application. MP is not described on the form, only the words "XX Megapixels" is recorded on camera clusters.

There is a new camera app called "Nokia Pro Camera" with completely different interfaces. This application has the option to manually focus the camera and the usual application Lumia line is also present on the machine.

The screen size and resolution is equivalent Lumia 920, AMOLED screens might be, or would like 925 than 920. The speaker holes are located at the bottom edge machine instead of the back. Equipment is also lighter than the Lumia 920. "

WMPoweruser said another source also confirmed the above information and further revealed that the device does not have many colors, there is no built-in wireless charging, but can be used as a wireless charging shell Lumia 925.

Through description, much less can we imagine the design of Nokia EOS. For the present, it is unclear when EOS is launched but Nokia also revealed that this summer, the company will launch a new device. So, maybe in August and September 7/8 we will have the answer.


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