Microsoft to upgrade Windows Phone apps sync to the Desktop Final

In addition to Windows Phone application called Modern UI running on Windows 8, Microsoft also released the same version running on the Desktop environment for those who prefer to manage and synchronize data between your PC and Windows Phone 8 traditional. Preview version of Windows Phone Desktop was released in October last year and today the app has been updated Final version with some important improvements.

Previously, with Windows Phone 7, all devices can only sync to your computer with Zune Desktop - an application to play multimedia content, music library management feature films and doubles sync / update for WP7. No more cumbersome as before, with Windows Phone 8, users will copy the content directly into the machine like a USB or use the Windows Phone app to sync above.

With Final version, Windows Phone Desktop are some additional features such as:

Support Podcasts: Podcasts are a form of online radio player offline download. The iTunes podcast support is a very useful feature in the Preview version, but some users do not download podcasts from iTunes but from different sources. So the Final version, users simply download the podcast in the Podcasts folder Libraries in Windows 7/8 or a certain folder and sync to your phone.

Update simple: Instead of having to address to download the new version of Windows Phone Desktop Application, the automatic update feature has been built. The new updated version becomes much simpler.

Increased flexibility: To the user can use more flexible Windows Phone Desktop, Final version allowed more folders to sync instead of fixed to the Libraries folder in Windows 7/8.

Fixed many bugs: From the feedback from users, Microsoft has some important fixes, especially error can not connect with devices and improve performance.

You can download the Desktop version of Windows Phone by clicking the Download button below.


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