[Rumor] Next generation iPhone will have touch Home button sapphire stone, fingerprint identification

There will be big changes in the new Home button on the iPhone?

Traditionally, every iPhone model after a completely new design, then the following year, in the next generation, Apple will add the letter "S", keep the external design and the internal upgrade . If this tradition is kept, the next generation iPhone will be called the 5S and do not have much hope that its design will change. However, according to some recent rumors, it is likely that Apple will break tradition and iPhone 5S will be changed from the outside.

According to rumors, Apple iPhone 5S designs remain as the most current version, but will replace the physical home button with capacitive touch buttons and button surface mounted sapphire stone. In addition, the new Home button has a sensor fingerprint recognition built.

Sapphire material has appeared on the iPhone 5 rear camera protected class. And it seems to work very well, so Apple will likely use this material in the next generation iPhone. Also, the Home button is where users manipulate very often so it gets scratched ability is very high, so it should be protected by a scratch-resistant material.

Also features fingerprint recognition on the iPhone has been said several times before, so if the iPhone 5S reasonably well with this technology. Apple bought the technology company specializing in security and AuthenTec fingerprint recognition in 2012 with more than $ 350 million of cash, and there is no reason why this company is not equipped with security features for real their products in the future. And if the iPhone 5S No fingerprint recognition feature, then maybe the next generation will also utilize technology from AuthenTec.

As you said, the upgrade worth it?
Camera back of the iPhone 5 is protected by a layer of sapphire stone.

By: BGR, UnwiredView


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