Samsung Galaxy Note III leaked benchmark results, running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 1.6 GHz chip

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The Samsung Galaxy Note III has recently appeared in the AnTuTu benchmark tests of the software. Accordingly, this device will bring numbers GT-N7200, entirely consistent with the naming of the line Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000 Note I, II Note GT-N7100). Machine running on Android 4.3 "Jelly
Bean", a version of Google has not been announced. Also from the benchmark results, we know that the use of Note III processor with 1.6 GHz clock speed, this is probably 5 Octa Exynos chip used in the international Galaxy S 4. GT-N7200 score that reached about 27,000, slightly lower than the S 4 point which is AnTuTu 31,000 points or more. Maybe this is just a new test should differ on. It does not exclude the possibility that the results of this benchmark is false, we need to be careful, and if Samsung still hold product refresh cycle is 1 year for Note II's successor will appear in September this year.

Some of the previous rumors about the Galaxy Note III for that machine will be equipped with 3GB RAM, screen 5.9 "or 6.3" larger than the 5.5 "of the Note II. Machine will of course be S-pen pen and many new features. could also be used Samsung LCD instead of AMOLED screen to display quality is better.

Benchmark results of Samsung GT-N7200 Galaxy Note III
Source: GSMInsider


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