Sony Xperia Phone Open Box, the first images

Not so aggressive as soon as Xperia Z introduced a first in Japan on the last 15 days and sold at 17, the opening image of the Xperia A box appears pretty silent on a number of Japanese sales page and so far it has not appeared on the Youtube clip.

It is not clear to the user's welcome for Xperia A nowhere but it seems Xperia Z name still attracts more powerful. Last week Sony Mobile has complained that the popularity of the Xperia Z has a large effect on sales of other models. Hope Xperia will be exceptions.

On opening the box below the image, we can easily recognize the white cans and extremely minimalist Docomo's network, it's much smaller than the Xperia Z, also accessories inside a minimalist Chri true if the user has dock with a battery and charger, no charger and headset. This is quite the "anomalies" in some countries, but if Japan is normal because the general standard MicroUSB charger so they can take advantage of the old charger, headset cuts to reduce costs should the user want to buy it external headset or older. A Xperia time selling in Japan for the equivalent to $ 800, about $ 5 higher than the Xperia Z.


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