The new API of Google Play Services makes Android better how?

In the event Google I / O takes place at No. 5, the least we expect Android 4.3 or 5.0 did not happen. Instead, Google has announced details of the new features soon appear on Google Play Services. These changes can not be made, but we are interested in is very important for the development. So Google Play
Services gives programmers and it's what makes Android better how?

Google Play Services is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that programmers use to develop the best software for Android. You might think that the programming API function does not help much for casual users but for programmers, they provide a foundation on which they can write new applications and adds new features for existing applications. These features make the application can do more things, to allow the application programmer to Play Google users faster and also get a better experience.

No Android, no new equipment such as rumors, some people were disappointed, expressed some annoyance, others still patiently. However, these improvements could say Google's core services is greater than one because the Android version: The new update is expected to be released in a few weeks Google will be given to the most current version of Android Froyo (2.2) to Jelly Bean (4.2.2) and on any device from the Galaxy Nexus, Xperia.

Android Google Maps API v2

Of course, Google Maps no longer so new. The only thing that we desire from 10 years ago such as traffic information in real time, navigation, orientation, schedule, view maps in 3D, terrain, satellite, etc. ... all have come true Google Maps now with the compact handset. But with the new API, developers will be able to integrate feature maps directly into their applications. Increased usability and innovative applications to a new level.

Locations API

At the event, Google announced three new APIs for location services including Fused Location Provider, Geofencing and Activity Recognition.

Fused Location Provider using the sensors integrated on the phone or Android tablet to quickly determine your location. New API can retrieve location information faster, more accurately and save battery life than before. Google said that this feature will use less than 1% of battery per hour.

Geofencing is a set idea of ​​"fence" (fence) around a certain area (eg your home, workplace, schools, gyms, churches, etc ...) and allows programmers Members determine the perimeter fence around the area. From there, they can add more features to the application, such as when you walked out "fence", the application will trigger an alert or action that reminds you what to do next .

Activity Recognition allows the device to determine how you are moving (walking, driving or cycling) based on integrated sensors and logic algorithms. Thereby, applications can provide information consistent with this kind of move, especially without the use of GPS.

Google Plus Sign-in

This API allows you to use Google account to log into the application if the programmer settings. In addition, one time login form also supports cross-platform, that is, when you log into an application / website on a device, your login information will be synchronized if your application / site same site on another device. Moreover, if the site is on the Android app, when you log on the website, it will also automatically log on the application you have downloaded and installed on the device.

Google Cloud Messaging

Google Cloud Messaging API was introduced last year and it is used for communication between active applications and terminal server support. Cloud Messaging is currently being integrated into Google Play Services and thanks to the strong improvement, Cloud Messaging now supports persistent connections and transmit messages upstream (upstream). Therefore, the device can send responses back to the server that is no longer just a way from the server to the device as before.

Thanks backhaul features, notifications (notifications) you received and missed calls on this device can be synchronized with other devices. You will not have to check a series of similar messages on the phone when switched to using my tablet. Eventually phones and Android tablets have similar activities better coordinated with each other.

Game Services

One of these claims is more interested programmers at Google I / O this is the new API Gaming. Google APIs emphasized by the introduction of an ability to play online racing game, but was unfortunately unsuccessful performances. However, the new API has brought many important features to make gaming experience on the Android platform a step.

First Cloud Save. As its name implies, users can save game progress in the cloud. The games that exploit this API will remember that the game you're playing bad when switching between devices or even when you buy a new phone.

Next, Achievements and Leaderboard System. This is a ranking system gaming performance similar to Microsoft's Xbox Live service. Leaderboard not only show the scores of players around the world, but it also helps you to record interesting stuff with other people from your friends list on Google Plus.

Finally Mutilplayer additional API features for multiplayer games on Android. Programmers now also not too much investment to set up the game's multiplayer system with new API. Not only Android vs Android, Multiplayer API supports multi-platform, so you can play online with all iOS devices.

All the new API will be released for devices running Android 2.2 Froyo or higher in the earliest time. However, Google also recently introduced Android Studio programming tools and will take more time for both the new and old apps are updated to exploit all the great features.


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