Asus "Nexus" revealed on the K009 Bluetooth Association, this time using Snapdragon processor 600

Nexus 7 will have a successor, but it will use Snapdragon Snapdragon S4 Pro or 600?

Few day ago Nexus tablet "K009" Asus has appeared on the Federal Communications Commission U.S. with four processors Snapdragon S4 Pro. But according to the certificate of the Association for new Bluetooth devices, it is equipped with quad-core SoC Snapdragon 600 is newer. Not clear whether this is a
variant, an upgrade or simply confused by the parties concerned, but the K009 uses a powerful chip is obviously a good thing. Also in the above certificate, a small picture of the K009 has appeared, in which we see a tablet 7 "with a shape similar to the Nexus 7 and Series Memo Pad. Unclear how long the new K009 official the eye, however some sources say that earlier time will fall into place in July and is published in New York. prices of the Reuters machine that will be revealed "pleasant", perhaps also fall into the same $ 199
starting predecessors.
Source: Website of the Association of Bluetooth


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