BlackBerry introduces Secure Work Space for iOS and Android machines

Businesses that use the BlackBerry solution security staff but not always spend its machines, however they want your company's data is secure at the highest level. That's why black top launches Secure Work Space reserved for two popular mobile platforms today are iOS, Android and runs on the BES server 10 (the number of 18,000 servers) its. This service has the same functionality as the BlackBerry Balance on the machine BB 10, helps separate personal data and corporate data into 2 separate parts to avoid loss of sensitive data.

Secure Work Space (SWS) when running on iOS / Android will create a work space separate from the rest of the application. Inside the SWS will have more security applications including web browsing, email, calendar, contacts and text editing app Documents To Go. These applications will be operating security both content and transmission lines connected by the BES server 10 so will ensure high security, limit the stolen data. Users need to log in to use SWS applications and data inside will not be shared externally.

According to Reuters, BlackBerry


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