Continue reveal some pictures for the Xperia i1 (Honami), the same design as the Xperia Z

Disturbances are significant information about the Xperia i1 as many pictures lately about a mysterious Xperia model has many similarities with the Xperia Z, especially in the rear camera does highlight the many who said that it was Xperia i1 (Honami) shooting blockbuster upcoming smartphone from Sony. A few minutes ago a member Ben Ling shared on XDA forum some form of media images that he said that this is the Xperia i1.

Unfortunately, these photos only machine image on the front, while the back as we are not the most curious appearance. If you look at this picture it is clear that it is not different from the images revealed recently, aluminum chassis, with separate camera key, headset jack to the ceiling above.

XperiaBlog continue posting the photo series titled Xperia i1, and this was the first article I 3.Chung quite concerned about this issue, and really do not expect this will be the Xperia i1. According to information revealed on the day before the next Sony Mobile 4.7 will introduce a new Xperia model is an upgrade for the Xperia Z or maybe that's the Xperia i1. We had to wait for confirmation in the next few days.

Source: XDA, XperiaBlog


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