Goldgenie HTC One 24ct gold plated version with prices starting at $ 2,900

You vibrate money and you have passion for technology? If so, try looking at the HTC One version is 24ct gold, the company specializing in the luxury goods Goldgenie, sells for 1895 pounds (more than $ 2,900 - that nearly 61 million). As far as the HTC One image covered in gold is the black version, the back covered with a layer of gold is very high-end and luxury. The front of it is not any different than the regular version, which is understandable when you apply by phone to the headset, the back will be the reveal, so you will easily show that they are holding a "golden Department intelligence".

Known also sold 3 Goldgenie version option "gold" for the HTC One other: one is the sense of pure gold for more than $ 2,900, as mentioned above, two are pink gold (rose gold - gold color as commission) for more than $ 3,000, and finally Platinum version has more than $ 3,200. Of course the machine "expensive" must be placed in the "expensive", in that all 3 machines and their accessories will be sold as a box set in cherry oak very well.

You do feel normal HTC One class is not enough, try with one of three One above to proceed.

The: Goldgenie


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