"Guide" Saving phone battery sony xperia Z

Welcome all of you to use Xperia Z! Many of you complained about the relatively poor battery life, I would allow you to share the experience, and with reference to the other battery saving forum. This is the actual experience of the user and now Sony xperia Xperia Z, on the fact that the screen on my Z I always close
5pm with normal daily needs such as playing at games, mainly web surfing , facebook, Tinhte Wifi/3G rate is 50% / 50%. duration from 6 am to 23 o'clock for the night are still about 15% -20% battery.

Some of the following tips:

1. On Stamina: into Settings and select Power Managerment, Lowbattery mode mode you can adjust the
optimization when the battery is low, the% how many options you can adjust.

2. Off  Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 should not watch TV while, watching movies

3. The connection: when not in use: you can turn off the wifi connectivity, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, and location services and Google search.

4. When not using the machine, press the Menu soft recent app: and delete all the app is running and running, it is very effective because I discovered Baomoi app automatically update the data, but the question was not deleted this problem.

5. Screen brightness up to 40% to 60% depending on each person needs, their current level of 50% is used quite well for all situations.

6. If anyone should be adjusted using Viber app does not run when the computer is not in use underground, by going to Settings-Wifi Sleep policy Viber pick and select Use device's settings

7. Removing non-system app to follow this topic, can delete the app more than a list of topic as the Backup & Restore app, the add-on of Facebook, Twitter ..., the animated wallpaper, plug -in such as karaoke, find lyrics

8. Do not use Task Killer
The killer app work not only helps save battery life but also more battery consumption due to the background. At the same time the first app to automatically kill sometimes cause system errors.

9. Skip down + Home Screen Widget
Bringing many unnecessary widget + launcher on the Home screen also drain the battery unnecessarily. Widget should be necessary to + the Home screen just enough. Some effects + Launcher with many features it is also the perpetrators of battery power.

10. Disable auto update
Some app when installed with automatic functions such as weather updates, backup sms, facebook, email ... So uncheck the update function to update periodically or for a long period between the weather hon.Dac screen very frequently drain the battery by connecting to the server to retrieve data.

11. Disable Accounts and sync
This function is used to synchronize contacts, mail, ... to google account ... when not in use should turn off automatically to save battery on Settings (Settings) - Accounts and sync (Accounts and sync) - Putting the button to the left to the right side off it. When do you need to open it up again. Or you can turn quickly open bar by pulling down and off Auto sync function (Auto-sync).

12. Do not use animated wallpaper, and screen restrictions shades too light.

13. So rooting and installing the app to block ads: this is useful for a much faster when playing online games, surfing the web, battery life and 3G costs.

14. If possible, use a 2.7 rom cook as AUR Performance Control app: can adjust the min / max of the CPU, it will not work through the tasks in the clock cao.Ben addition, you can download the app Set as CPU, Voltange Control function also lowered the max clock down.

15. Replace the background app installed on

Some software when you install it it will run the function whether you use it or not, you can check the settings (Settings) - applications (Application Management) - via tab running (Running) will see the app running in the background. So you can search for one other apps similar functions but not running in the background consuming battery + ram.

If you are one of facebook followers not to use the facebook app because it always runs in the background whether you use it or not. So you can use a browser to access or use the FBM for facebook app instead.
Source: Tinhte


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