"Guide" to the best photography on smartphones

I prefer to take pictures, but is mobile, but not right on the DSLR class. 1 Hold the phone we can give the image that many people have exclaimed, in awe and delight because of its quality, is not it interesting than you.

However, do not like the camera, the Camera Phone in general and in particular on the Xperia always have its limitations, there are ways to customize, tips to give good shots, but not the Who knows, and I would like to share the following experience they accumulated.

The following tips can be applied to all camera phone always, but best when applied with Xperia and Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot ok.

Hint No. 1 was:

-With Xperia, you should disable the Mobile BRAVIA Engine to go, because when shooting, you will be deceived by the color of the screen, you can turn it off to see the actual color of the image after capture is as How, from which more easily aligned.

Auto-Off SCN away, so you can adjust more parameters than in the camera settings.

2012 Xperia line-function automatically detects the scene, you do not need to move or the Macro mode Lanscape again, the machine will automatically identify objects.

-In the Xperia with Superior Auto mode, it will automatically drop to 12MP 13mp when you activate or turn on HDR mode. But all other modes will be 13mp.

Macro shooting:

Here is how to capture that most people who are well known, and most used, but how to capture the beauty, how to get accurate focus when the focal length is very limited mobile?

Choose angle: Most people are under the angle macro top-down approach, and the subject between frames. But choosing this angle would be boring and lacks creativity.

Make changes you make for one other angle, such as horizontal angle to the subject, or from the bottom up, for example, and the subject is not necessarily in the middle frame, maybe slightly right or left, the you wear creativity.

-Take the example of flower Macro 1. This is how people or shooting
The subject is always in focus photo

Here's how you capture
Skyline trees interspersed by deleting the blurred background can create a beautiful effect boke
Bankruptcy how to create a little more impression

How to Focus: Probably everyone knows shutter button on the Xperia has 2 floors, is key focal light click, click the more powerful is the "Pang". But not always we can also focus all be right, so many different reasons, but mostly because the subject is too small.
Out and strokes

-You use this way, for example, the subject is one little flower, you put your hand behind and close to the flowers => Ten Ten, is camera auto Focus has small flowers (and table hand) have not, the next thing to do is to lock focus has focus, take his hand off and "Pang". 1 small trick, but very useful and not well known.

Overcoming residual light: This phenomenon is common when you take pictures in the sunshine outside, the subject will be blurred, the color will be affected more or less, reduced sharpness and also the most uncomfortable image as "a mist coat".
Photos were lighted, loss of flower detail

With this case, you use the ability of the machine to adjust EV, EV fell down, depending on where you set the case for reasonable star, in this case me, I set EV (-0.3) to (-0.7)
Colors look more and softened considerably, no longer "sharp" as the image on another

-Increase EV decrease if used properly, will make images become deeper, more vivid. Also EV can also increase or decrease applied to many different situations, you just try to align shooting in low-light conditions for more creative so much for your time, this is the first few images of his example, using the EV technology alignment:
For this, it is auto, lost all the details!
Reduce EV down at all!
What is this?

Looks much better, but still quite dark, eh?

Take the night:
Xperia TX

Tel hardware capability is limited, so to see where there is not enough light will cause interference, or blurry pictures, so do not start too dark so tel strokes.
Xperia TX - Bokeh

After much research, I discovered that the camera on the Xperia 1 to ISO higher than 400 if the image will be blurred, infinity focus is not, somehow like that, it is also for that reason why the Auto Mode, the camera and blurred night much noise as ISO images are automatically pushed up too high.

Try increasing and Iso EV increments up to see how:
Dimly lighted, with the lowest ISO and EV

Lift up one little, and look pretty is that!

When at ISO 800, image noise appeared

And this is the image they are pushing up the ISO and EV max! (Do not lose Lumia bit right, including the amount of noise is more

How to adjust but I am currently using the night scene, low light shots:
Camera-set scene modes: Night Scene (Night)
-ISO is best in the range of 100-200
-Align EV (+0.3) - (-0.7) (For light scene is always different every time, so you align yourself so that the most appropriate to reduce the image noise best offline)


For Xperia later, night scene selection feature SCN has not left us refine and ev iso anymore, so overcome by your camera to align in Normal and offline.
Iso set at between 100-400 should be consistent, because if the image will rise again very heavy noise.

Using 3rd party software:
Tell someone you app (Night Camera +). Used to sd very good shooting night, the amount of noise is significantly reduced, the exposure time is also longer (it should).

However, the app still has its limitations, as long photographic, because it requires long exposure times, strong right hand, is the best starting place for shooting. And in some cases the color will not be true for much.

Redress under the lights of the golden mean:

This is a common image that we have, indoors, slightly underexposed, image yellowing.

With this case, we use the FV-5 Camera app. First open up the camera, take the lens to the WB not yellowing. Usually a downward angle.

Then select the AWB (Auto WhiteBlance), select WB-L (WhiteBlance-Lock)

After finishing WB lock, put the lens back to shooting position. Here are the results:

Overcoming referring purple on Xperia Z:
Photo Xperia Z on auto mode tends to lean pink, the goal is to capture beautiful portraits color and smoother skin. But the first scene, it is a disaster. So, when shooting the scene, you should use Landscape mode SCN, optimal image for more scene, and will not be stained again.

Source: Sonyviet


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