Hands on ASUS Padfone colorful Infinity

Introduced from the ASUS Padfone MWC2013 but does not leave much impression though computer-designed and highly configurable. Maybe because in the beginning smartphone users and ASUS ASUS do not proceed to promote the Padfone. Delicate brothers toward the Padfone is worth you attention. An
Android smartphone with a screen 5 "FullHD, 600 Snapdragon CPU, 2Gb RAM, 13MP Camera ... Chie screen and a 10" FullHD into tablet ready to mount on other smartphones.

ASUS might think the screen hinnh 10 "brings other advantages for their smartphones, but its the thought that it makes things more complicated and people are interested in reducing the delicious phone.

It is an Android smartphone 5 ", the configuration of the most powerful and has a very nice design. I think it's equally Xperia Z or HTC One of the design. Regarding quality improvement is clear Padfone Xperia Z and zinc than the HTC One. Padfone is complete monolithic style, just like with the iPhone 5 components are buried in a box and the screen lid. Holding Padfone very solid and sharp effects. thing I do not like the design of the Padfone is two border sides too thick screen make the machine 5 "overall very large, much larger than the HTC One you are taking or the Galaxy S4 and screen as 5 ".


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