Hands on Galaxy S4 LTE A, Snapdragon 800 processor, Android 4.3 being tested on the S4

With the latest version of S4, we have many interesting than the usual S4. Outside, have better color, more fun, while inside, the configuration can not be raised to a higher level at this point. And is also well connected to the most. Samsung said they are not interested in racing configuration, but it is clear that firms can hardly be racing with them. Clearly high speed connection no meaningful choice but to add color and Snapdragon 800 processor, 4 cores 2.3GHz speed will satisfy you who like a strong public .

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE A, is the latest version, most powerful and most advanced of Samsung as well as for the later S4 series. word is an acronym LTE A wireless ultra-high speed LTE Advance, this speeds twice
as fast as the speed of LTE which is often used in the current high-end phones and high speed compared to 3G grant that we are using it only 10 times faster. But you also do not need to care about it much because we never know LTE A.

Snapdragon 800 processor, this is the most powerful processor of Qualcomm mobile device market today. And Galaxy S4 is the first commercial, the Xperia Z Ultra also uses Snapdragon 800 has not officially been sold. We've got some information that Snapdragon 800 outclasses with other chips in the leaked benchmark results and the ability to get phone, tablet might 4K video ... some of this information will be tested soon to share with you.

On the software S4 LTE A, S4 running the latest Android OS 4.2.2. Some leaked images shows Android 4.3 is being tested in S4 and we may hope that this LTE A on the S4.

One more plus point for the machines from South Korea is a battery and external charger. I really do not like that kind of peeling back the lid and then remove the battery and the 2nd battery in, it is very complicated. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE  A green

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE  A red

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