Images of the iPhone 5S?

Two new images posted MacRumors shows the back and interior of a new iPhone that are sources said that the upcoming iPhone 5S. Wait let's talk about names for unnamed official will look like, but the image inside the main show of this aircraft revealed similar images have been released recently. The first point that others can see that the double flash, the other socket screen, wifi antenna be placed in other positions, higher capacity battery ...

First talk about the interior of the machine: this cell is in the shape of different parameters on the iPhone 5 battery current, namely 3.8V - 5.92Wh - 3.8V 1558mAh compared with the old - 5.45Wh - 1440mAh;
Unfortunately, the code on the chip were dimmed so we do not know what chip it is, as it is on the IP5 Apple A6; socket camera position is put on top of the main to look at instead of the bottom, the wifi antenna location has changed over the IP5, perhaps to improve reception. 3G antenna wire in the iPhone 5 is mounted on top of the main, still on the machine is not visible, as was the ability to put down.

With the back, it looks like the camera is different than before, besides the dual flash is clearly different. Previous rumors that Apple will introduce a new iPhone later this year, along with the iPhone version with shells made of cheap plastic.

On the left is the new one coming out, the iPhone 5 is the main current, the differences:
  • Wifi antenna
  • Socket socket of the camera and monitor cluster
  • 3G antenna
  • Screws main fixed
  • 2G wave antenna
  • 1558mAh compared with 1440mAh Battery

Source: MacRumors


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