Instructions on how to root FW Jelly Bean easy on Z Xperia, Xperia Xperia S and SP

Most users today expect apart from the company updates the 2nd job that they are interested in how to root the machine? Root mean you can customize the rom, installed the mod. Etc.. Those who are using Z Xperia, Xperia SP, XPERIA S can easily root the program below is Easy rooting DooMLoRD Toolkit on XDA
developers for each model.


  1. You have to open the USB debugging mode (USB Debugging) at (Settings / Applications / Developer)
  2. Open source does not specify mode (Unknown Sources) at (Settings / Applications)
  3. Connect to PC (machine in open mode)
  4. Download the zip file in the list above and unzip
  5. Run file to the directory files adb.exe
  6. Running Runme.bat file, then press any key to start the process as root (the machine can reboot a few times)

Source: XPeriablog


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