Is this the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

In the meantime WWDC tonight, I accidentally saw a picture on Facebook unexpected friend: a phone that Samsung has not revealed never be compared to a rock beat Nokia phone and a rather odd other. Great phone looks very similar to the leaked images of the Galaxy Note 3 in the morning when the phone is like a
small test of the Galaxy S4 (rather than square in the frame, the same as the Z10 and Blackberry Dev Alpha). In fact, the Galaxy S3 had previously revealed on also be placed in a rectangular frame outside to avoid detection.

Information leaked this morning 3 Note that the screen will be 5.99 "but if this picture is real then surely it must be greater than that number greatly. S4 When placed next to the Note for almost 3 and a half, which fell into about 18cm length. course, because this is the prototype machine will be able to launch another.
clear that we have designed machine than square Note 2, in accordance with the changes of S4 and S3. part of the typical home button on the Samsung Note 3 still somewhat in the style of ball Note 2 to the bright stainless steel rim, not to attractions such as body color with S4.


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