[Leak] Pictures Xperia i1 ''Honami'': same design Xperia Z, 20 MP camera, BIONZ image processor

The phone is said to be in the middle of "Honami" with 20MP camera

Although the new Sony event introduces Xperia Z Ultra 3 day ago but somewhere in "Gypsy" is still a lot of rumors about the device that has not been introduced as Xperia i1, or we usually called with the name "Honami". The most recent incident techtudo page has posted two photos of the backside of the handset is said machine and camera resolution up to 20 MP, used BIONZ image processor (like the Sony full-frame camera RX1R) and that one can easily realize that the machine has a design very similar to his brother Xperia Z.

In the picture above, from left Xperia Z's newly introduced Ultra screen with 6.4 "screen Honami and Xperia ZQ 5" (or ZL in the Brazilian market). The Honami slightly larger than the design ZQ and owns Omni Balance Xperia Z designs like square, slightly rounded at the corners and board edges, long black streak camera can be located next to the infrared sensor. It is not clear, but Honami configuration of the machine can be equipped with a Snapdragon processor 2.3GHz quad 800, the most powerful line of Qualcomm chips now.

According Xperiablog
Source Techtudo


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