Leaking pictures of the plastic casing Cheap iPhone and sketch of iPad 5

Recent photos of the exterior of the cheap iPhone appeared on weiphone. Looking at the two pictures above, we can see that the device is made of plastic and green, hole in the back is the camera and LED flash. The contact pins and screws for mounting components are more or less similar to the current iPhone 5. At the review, the two images is quite match with some cheap iPhone rumor we heard as: shell is made of plastic to reduce costs, there are many different color options to attract users to the midrange. In April a photograph of cheap white iPhone has also revealed many of the same details leaked today.

Regarding the configuration of iPhone cheap, some previous rumors that it will run A5 processor, rear camera with 5MP resolution, 3.5 "screen, Retina," cheap iPhone "likely sold with 4 basic colors red, black, white, yellow and blue. Regarding launch time, Apple will officially predicted introduced the iPhone more affordable prices in an event which took place on 15 / 10, the price will fall to about $ 300.

On this occasion, NoWhereElse site posted some photos leaked draft of the iPad 5 is taken from "a company manipulated intimate relationship with Apple". Like with the news that we've heard, the iPad 5 will have the same design as the iPad Mini. Computer ownership thickness of 7.9 mm, significantly thinner than the 9.4 mm of the iPad 4 and only slightly less than the 7.2 mm of the iPad Mini. Dimensions Length x width of the machine is about 232 x 178.5 mm, more compact size compared to 241.3 x 185.8mm on the iPad 4. IPad 5 is expected to be launched in mid-September or late October.
This image shows a thickness of 7.9 mm of the iPad 5
A range of "panoramic" more

Picture 4 compared to iPad and iPad mini, so NoWhereElse composite images from existing design of the iPad 4 and iPad with leaked image above
Source: NoWhereElse 


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