More images of Xperia Phablet: new interface, better screen?

Picture Xperia Phablet behind

A few days ago we've seen a picture of the alleged Xperia Phablet (L4, Togari), 6.44 inch smartphone tablet hybrid upcoming Sony. More images revealed two new models at Digi-wo forum of China.

This photo Phablethien Xperia SRS-market rear speakers BTV5, although not visible, but we can guess what might be the Xperia Phablet 6.44 inch size, square design quite like the picture revealed before that.

If you can get the eye out of the computer interface has two rows of icons to change the horizontal and vertical pretty fancy. The brightness and color of the screen is quite impressive for different images is "fuzzy" on the Xperia Z. It seems that Sony has not changed the design of the machine that is the Xperia Z zoom but much improved in the processor and screen?
This image Phablet Xperia horizontal width of the machine is quite long

Photo Source: Digi-wo


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