News about Xperia i1: Using flash instead of Xenon Plasma, thin 9mm, receive from any touch pen, Price range $ 900

Cluster of Sony Ericsson C901 camera

Time to launch Xperia i1, super smartphone photography "true nature" Sony will not be far off, as many rumors as long as it is around August Sony will officially announce this model or can be any unexpected early release. Recently RandomUser on the Esato forum to provide information on the most updated Xperia i1 has
some valuable information on this model.

Accordingly, the machine will have a thickness of about 9mm impressive, previously obtained information that spot is 12mm thick, highly capable machine will sometimes use flash instead Plasma Xenon flash, as well as new flash technology allows for 48 times brighter than regular LED flash technology and not inferior to that offset Xenon body size will be reduced a lot.

Next screen technology, the machine will support touch like the upcoming Xperia ZU, ie capable of getting the most from touch operation including pencil touches. In terms of design it will go back style as flat as the Xperia Z, 180gr weight range.

Thus i1 Xperia information we will update over time as follows
  • 5 inch Full HD screen Triluminos, the X-Reality picture processing Mobile
  • Induction Technology received from any material
  • 800 Snapdragon processor 2.3 ghz quad core
  • Andreno 330 GPU
  • Slim 9mm
  • 2GB Ram
  • Camera 13 megapixel 1/1, 5 inch
  • Bionz Image Processor Mobile
  • Integrated Lens G lens, F2.0 aperture
  • There are automatic shooting modes and manual controls
  • Plasma dual flash coverage 48 times brighter than regular LED flash
  • Separate audio processor chip, such as Walkman S-Master MX
  • About 3000mAh battery.
  • Stereo speakers magnet technology Bravia liquid
  • Waterproof IP58
  • Material with metal casing, glass and carbon fiber
  • Whole new interface
  • Design the most impressive so far
  • Launched in July, August sales
  • Price range $ 900


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