Phone largest screen of Sony Xperia Z Ultra Camera no flash , taken from the test showed very good?

Just launched yesterday, Ultra Z Xperia spent a lot of interest from the community by upgrading technology is extremely practical and worthwhile from Sony. Delivering his superior power from S800, 2GB RAM, besides to say no to TFT, boldly using IPS LCD panel combined with Trilumious technology, X-Reality has the ability to bring ZU perfect show ever. All of this elite is encapsulated in a camera body is only a mere 6.5mm thick with water resistant IP58 standard against water from the 3.5mm headphone jack port without lids.

However, it is not a record owner ZU completely clean and perfect. It seems this is something long tradition of Sony reasonable? Well, the "scar" that we are referring to here is the lack of flash. Do not understand what that phrase because flash - which is considered an indispensable and must be evident in the current smartphone - never showed up again on ZU. This has led to much suspicion that the lack of such flash the image quality will be much worse, especially in low light conditions. If indeed so, then this may be a great pity for Xperia Z Ultra.

But in a gallery just made a few hours ago from IT168 - an information page on the faraway land of Taiwan, besides the close-up shot of high quality zoom in super form this product is still hot from Sony, we can see some shots from the camera were taken from the machine. And with this picture, probably almost all doubts about the quality of the user's photos in low light ZU will disappear completely. In fact what is shown from the air shows the image quality of a catsuit ZU nothing compared to Z, even in conditions of low light, the evening shows ZU still pretty good and did not have any problems both.

Maybe now the only thing people are complaining about the lack of flash ZU that they will lose a pretty flashlight convenience only.

Let's admire the work by hand Xperia Ultra Z perform:

I hope people will "voyeuristic" hands-on photos with the zoom to every details of this blockbuster phones.


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