Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Note 3 earlier than expected because sales are not as expected of S4?

If nothing is as usual delay, Samsung will launch the next generation of Galaxy Note 2 at the IFA 2013 event held in September next. However, according to some sources, recently estimated that, most likely South Korean electronics conglomerate will launch Galaxy Note 3 out sooner than expected, namely that in July or 8 years now. So why is there such predictions? There are two reasons that analysts believe that Samsung will introduce in Note 3 to 1 to 2 months:

Firstly there is no such sales expectations S4: S4 Although Samsung has said good sales, but in time the financial report most recently, the company did not mention anything to the sales of S4. Because of this, plus the Samsung reduction of orders for spare parts S4 has led many analysts skeptical and claim that Samsung
is really difficult to S4. And as a compensation for the "disappointment" of S4, Samsung need to quickly launch Note 3, as introduced earlier by how much time the Note will go on sale this much quickly. As a result, Samsung will collect more money from the sale of Note 3 early as well as increased competition in the market.

Secondly Xperia Z Ultra: Recent information shows that Z Ultra - the mysterious phablet Sony - will be released on 4/7 here. So more months to less than 1 Ultra Z will appear, and of course this is an information not happy with Samsung, because they knew the Ultra Z coming soon in the store will cause a negative impact Note 3 to sales. Therefore, the Korean electronics companies need to quickly launch Note 3 earlier than expected in order to increase competitiveness and attract customers to her.

Such third innovation is the revolutionary design of the Note 3: If you'll notice in a short period of time Samsung has launched a series of smartphones from intermediate to advanced line of Galaxy (S4 Active is an example). This is both the pros and cons: the main advantage is that it helps Samsung Android market dominance midrange and low range, but the damage that it makes customers feel too "indigestion" when choosing to buy a Galaxy: S4 is a bit like the S3, S4 Active is a bit rough, medium and low flows are not very powerful configuration. And since, in the context of S4 seems to be "ignored", it must be due to Samsung Note 3 (supposedly there will be many changes in design) to reorient their Galaxy line of high-end, and persuade customers to return.

That's three reasons that many people believe that Samsung will sooner Note 3 shelves, but how realistic are Samsung wait between 1 and 2 to 3 months.

According AndroidAuthority


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