Sony Xperia i1, rumor will have the ability to change lenses

A funny picture of super Xperia can change lenses on the Sony prefer

Does Does Sony have the "big game" for the super-elite accumulate all of its upcoming Xperia named i1, outside the machine will have larger sensor camera, lens, G lens genuine, many features from Cyber​​-shot cameras, or having Triluminos screen, the X-Reality picture processing Mobile crisp new information, a lot of people could do was "appalled" that the Xperia i1 has the ability to change the tube glass?

This is quite a shock, but details are only reliable at 2/5 of specialized news site about SonyAlphaRumors camera. Of course if that's true, then Sony must develop its own line of tube size, more compact, not like the NEX cameras as people imagine. Hopefully if equipped Xperia i1 is likely that Sony will definitely be a major hit in the market or even completely change the game camera phone.

In view of Sony Vietnam, then you should not expect too much, let's temporarily forget about it because the information about the current i1 Xperia has more than enough charm to many people, we do not want you to feel frustrated or shortfalls later.

And if it is really going to like this

Source: SAR


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