Trial Download Android 4.2.2 ROM version of HTC Google One Edition

You want to use the HTC Google One Edition now and always? One, but you want to spend it with the original interface "Nexus experience"? Small things, you will get this by just flash a ROM on a regular One is finished. ROM by programmers bigxie from XDA forums from packaging source of the HTC Google Edition One running Android 4.2.2, he has not changed the ingredients except the root system available for you. One Google HTC ROM Edition, you can download it here (backup link 1, backup link 2 ) and flash via recovery proceed normally. Wish you success.

Google is the default function infrared HTC Google One Edition does not work, we will have in the future software
Features Wi-Fi hotspot faulty default, you can install any application that Wi-Fi Tether third party are. I propose to use Wi-Fi Tether app TreveMod.
Option enable / disable Beats Audio in Settings> Sound
Source: XDA


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