Trick What to do when up ROM Android phone faulty?

Common symbol of the boot ROM you use CyanogenMod
When using Android, you typically ROM up to bring new features to help optimize machine or operation of equipment. However, some problems sometimes occur when making up ROM for your machine can not work normally. So we have to do in this case to save "smartphone darling" of us? Some of the following tips will help you to "revive" machine.
Your phone automatically restart forever: wipe data and cache

If you just flash a ROM and the phone can not access the main screen (homescreen), so you may have forgotten to delete user data (contacts, messages, applications, ...). Normally, any ROM that is provided on the network, whether the device whatsoever, the creator of ROM always advised us to erase (wipe) before using the data. If you keep getting the boot again and again, the more likely this is the reason.
ClockworkMod Recovery Interface

To wipe the machine, you should take advantage of the recovery tool that you use to flash ROM (now the most popular ClockworkMod Recovery, AmonRA or Open Recovery, running on HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, ...) to wipe machine. Search for the words "Wipe data / factory reset" and "wipe cache partition", moving light streaks on the screen with two buttons to increase and decrease the volume by selecting the two items on the power button. Once this is done, we continued to Advance menu> Wipe Dalvik Cache to clear the Dalvik more memory. Restart your computer to see the results.

Machine access into Recovery mode: flash a new ROM

In case your machine and boot it straight into ClockworkMod (recovery or the like), the more likely you just flash the ROM is corrupted. To be sure, I rebooted again see our equipment is put into recovery or not. If so, my condolences, the ROM has a problem. Here, we have two methods to "cure": download the ROM again or find a new ROM. In the process of downloading from the Internet, the packets of faulty ROM happen very often. Maybe by line, by machine or by faulty browser. I myself have encountered this situation and to download the new third line using the ROM for flutter. The second way, which is that you look for a more suitable ROM (you can also use the previous version of the ROM failed).

Also watch for your memory card is not faulty okay. If any of the ROM does not, try using a different memory card to copy and flash ROM.

HTC users: the machine can not go straight into Recovery and Bootloader screen. Therefore, you need to select the "Recovery" button to continue.
HTC's Bootloader

Machine and boot straight into Bootloader: flash back the original ROM

This symptom does not occur, however, if the machine boot into bootloader then you have the possibility of conflict between hardware and software. The best way is always to restore the original ROM (ROM go away if we just bought the machine). This ROM is not root, no hack, no editing at all to ensure absolute compatibility. How to implement different for each brand.

Motorola: If your Android device produced by Motorola, you will need a software called RSD Lite. This is a useful tool to study the machine when we reversible error. This software only runs on Windows only.
HTC: The HTC phone can flash back the original ROM (also known as RUU) within the machine's bootloader. Please use this subforum to Google or search for the proper RUU for your device. After extracting the RUU file, you will see instructions for file renaming each different device. Rename the memory card and copy it and then run it on, press and hold the Power button + volume down button to enter bootloader. Camera automatically recognizes RUU file and asked permission to flash, memory select "YES" to proceed offline flash ROM. You can see more here.

Samsung: If you are using any phone in the Galaxy line, a tool called Odin is needed to flash the ROM file contains the original OPS. To do this please see details here.

LG: refer to the synthesis of this topic. There are many issues you buttervn launched and recovered both the ROM if I do if the machine fails during the ROM up.

If the machine is being turned into a "brick": to store only

What machine is being turned into "bricks" (brick)? That's when our equipment can not open the machine in any way. Machine was really identical with tools such as a brick (literally). And you also can not do anything to cure the "I" of our beloved smartphone. If you are opening up, and boot animation appears, also in the recovery, bootloader, that's not the situation "brick".

If your machine is accidentally brick, take your equipment to the shop (or service center), and pretends genuine: "I know nothing, naturally it does not open up the machine, with black on forever like this . normal that it is used to this here. " Of course, you do not disclose something up ROM, root because nothing can guarantee it will not let you. They can be used to recover something from the computer, or convert to your new machine as the carrier. They also can not accept warranty because somehow they know the machine has been "fiddling break". However, the situation is brick rare, usually only when you lose power (battery or all) of the new ROM up with brick only. Do not worry!

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