Xperia TX start a new FW update (9.1.B.1.67), prepared Xperia S (6.2.B.0.211)

Since there is no previous information from this update should be Sony's surprise hit. Currently a number of forum members have shared their received this update via PC Companion. Although there is no specific information about these improvements, but the Android version is still 4.1.2, looking at the effect of this change (9.1.B.1.67) it is clear that this is not a minor update. You are using Xperia TX / T please upgrade and share information with Sony Vietnamese okay.

Go to the Xperia S, after being upgraded to Jelly Bean a lot of people complain that the machine had plenty of odd errors. That is completely normal by Jelly Bean is a huge upgrade to Sony need to collect more information from the user. After listening to it had prepared a new FW 6.2.B.0.211 code will be updated in the near future.


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