Xperia Walkman beautiful concept from an designer Vietnam

Sony Xperia i1 smartphone could be the opening for a wave every elite integration of technology into the Sony Xperia. If this model with emphasis on shooting more from the Cyber-shot technology, despite information that the machine will have its own audio processor with S-Master MX technology reputation, many people Walkman still ask the question that when an Xperia Walkman will be born?

It's hard to answer that question by Sony are going in the direction of integrating all the technology in the product (One Sony). However, if you want, we can draw up their own dreams. A very talented designer named Victor Cao, Vietnamese Americans have created a form Xperia concept-driven and music, Walkman branded and of course with a design that is extremely impressive.

According to his thoughts Xperia W will have 4.6 inch screen Full HD Triluminos, 600 Snapdragon processor 1.7 Ghz, 32GB of internal memory, built-in audio technologies Clear Audio, Clear Bass, S-Master MX , Walkman logo can light and change color, music, the machine will have a thickness of about 9mm (?!). Again, this is just the concept, but if it becomes a reality will surely have a lot of Sony fans will be "crazy". Thank you Victor too high for an impressive design!

Source: Concept-phones


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