Xperia Z Ultra, Price in some European countries: 729 Euro, evaluation of this phone?

Official Twitter page of Sony in France and the Netherlands recently published some information on prices and sales of two-time latest products and watches Xperia SmartWatch Z Ultra 2. Accordingly. The Xperia Z Ultra will be priced at 729 Euro (about 954 USD) and sold in Q3, SmartWatch 2 199 Euro (~ 260 USD) and sold in September. But on Twitter, the Dutch Sony's lower priced for the Xperia Z Ultra is 719 Euro (~ 940 USD).

This is the price of the machine was purchased, so you can unlock and use on many different networks. With this level, people expected selling price in the U.S. of 6.4 smartphone "will be hovering around $ 700 only because prices in the two markets of Europe and America usually equal each other.

Ultra Z's Xperia handset from Sony and its latest handset is also its most violent in particular and all other manufacturers in general. If you ever feel unhappy with the size of the Galaxy Note 2 because it is quite large, the Xperia Z Ultra is even greater. For comparison, the size is probably only big new Galaxy Mega roughly 6.3 Ultra Z, this is the greatest phone you can face up to hear, of course we are not talking about those who have the courage brings Galaxy Tab or FonePad of Asus.

Feeling rather strange bird Ultra Z, machine-style design from Xperia Omni Balance Z. Overall, very similar Ultra Z Z miniature tablet than the Xperia Z, squarish machine. Feeling not quite hold Z Ultra comfortable, as friends say it flat, Xperia Z was at the fulcrum and Ultra Z less. Sony has used advertising Ultra Z with one hand, but that is because they optimize the software, run the program as a deviation to the side but you can not with all this finger across the screen. The birds are spending their Ultra Z's firmware Xperia Z, so we will not comment anything about the software, including font.

If you think what I said above, you are damn wrong Ultra Z, Z Ultra is sure to make you look impressive at first. It's really very thin, very beautiful and luxury. I'm impressed with the iPhone but making skills of Z Ultra also not inferior. It is better than Z, holding hands totally bitten by the Ultra Z has used the rounded edges, not sharp. Note that Z Ultra-lined plastic rather than metal.

Z is the weight of 212g, the reader is that it is quite heavy but it does not hold that feeling because the weight was evenly distributed throughout the machine, it does not feel like when you hold the phone Lumia 920 or important heavy volume.

Sony announces Z Ultra water-resistant IP58, an impressive figure. Greater surface size, the more difficult we make waterproof so many openings, but Sony has done it. There is an interesting information that launches Bluetooth headset with Ultra Z will also water resistant. Z Battery Ultra is the battery attached, and no replacement is 3000mAh capacity.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra nothing? It has a screen 6.44 "FullHD Triluminos technology and use technology X-Reality Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 instead of the old generation to the machine for a high-quality display. Opaque image blur is not opaque as Z, even when outside of the home screen that clear. Favorites Z Ultra light yellow, but still very good, this is the screen test, has yet to comment because just will realign the difference very much.

According to Sony, Xperia Z is convergent Sony products but new Ultra Z is a machine worthy of that claim. Xperia Z still incomplete in some points: excellent screen, slower processor than the first generation of rivals, slow software (new Android 4.2.2 this morning) and total tackles Ultra Z the disadvantages that. CPU power as possible, must surpass 600 Snapdragon 800 of One or S4, the screen can not be processed further, quantum dots for true colors and wide, good contrast without too brightly colored. In addition, Ultra Z also uses the latest Android 4.2.2, very good.

We will have further comments if they earn up to the Ultra Z rom of it in a few days instead of the current Z rom. Video will also have to wait.


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