Benchmark result Galaxy S4 LTE -A, the highest result of the Samsung phone (video update)

So Galaxy S4 LTE-A, also known as Advanced S4, the handset is configured most powerful S4 Galaxy series has appeared. Equipped Snapdragon processor by Qualcomm 800 most powerful, after Xperia Z Ultra, which is attached to a wireless connection chip LTE-A. With strong configuration, the most prominent of which are now more interested you as a result of the benchmark, please send the following information to people S4 LTE-A number that is recorded through the test program familiar. 

In general, running Snapdragon S4 LTE-A 800 but most just stood in the top 3 in the following tests, it just topped only results in the test with Quadrant Advanced Edition. 

Xpera Z Ultra not a complete OS, so I just ran 3DMark benchmark only. 
The integrated assessment allows 
AnTuTu v3.3.1 For example, the number of LTE-A that the S4 record after each test are unstable, while the lowest was just over 12,000 points, 14,000 points can sometimes (not plug the battery charger) and high times is best achieved nearly 19,500 points (with battery charger plug - see picture below). As mentioned above, the Quadrant Advanced Edition, the S4 achieving the highest score sheet, with more than 13,500 points. 

The test of CPU computing power 
I used the software's Billion Counter (counting from 1 to 1 ratio) and Vellano, is the familiar application. 

The test of the GPU graphics power 
Integrated GPU in the Snapdragon S4 800 LTE-A is Adreno 330 graphics chip is now the most powerful in the line of Snapdragon, Qualcomm said it supports the script as OpenCL, OpenGL ES 3.0, and Renderscript Compute API different. At the same time, Adreno 330 GPU also supports features to reduce the burden on the CPU graphics processor. Some sources said that more powerful Adreno 330 Snapdragon Adreno 320 of 600 by 40%.

Screenshot above the benchmark :

Source: Tinhte


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