BlackBerry A10 will use Super AMOLED screen 5 ", the most powerful ever, more photos 9720

BlackBerry Z10 (pictured) about to be replaced by BlackBerry A10?

According to reliable sources of BGR site, in the second half of this year will launch the BlackBerry codenamed A10 "Aristo". This is the most powerful BlackBerry ever and will focus on processing power and gaming capabilities. Accordingly, the A10 will be equipped with screens up to 5 ", any more than any BlackBerry to date and on par with high-end Android smartphone. Known BlackBerry will choose to use Super AMOLED screen for A10 to fix problem with yellowish color of AMOLED screens are used in Q10. layer and the completion of the shell is also doing well and more refined than previous products. appearance will air similarities with Samsung Galaxy S4, but the angle was larger and stronger boards.

The source also revealed that the A10 will have 2GB of RAM, dual-core CPU and GPU "separation". Explain why BlackBerry is not spent four chips for its products, the company sources said concerns about battery problems as well as difficulties may be encountered in optimizing software for BlackBerry 10. BGR expectations A10 will use the 8 megapixel camera, however they can not confirm this. BlackBerry A10 is expected to launch this fall, possibly in November if the rumors are true in June.

In addition to the A10, BGR's source also provided some pictures of the BlackBerry 9720 running BlackBerry OS 7.1, "Device for the BlackBerry 9320 successor". It possesses the same design lines with modern BlackBerry models and will last segment cheap, maybe around $ 350 without a contract. Below are some pictures comparing 9720 with 9900. Few day ago a few sample pictures of this device have been revealed. Regarding configuration, such as information leakage before, 9720 is expected to have 480x360 screen resolution, running BlackBerry OS 7.1, with 3G connectivity. The other specifications of the machine, the mystery remains. It is known that BlackBerry is planning to launch this model at a certain point in the second half of this year.

In addition to the above two phones, BlackBerry can not launch any other additional products this year, except for some variation by country, market only.

Source: BGR


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