Google Nexus 4 Official update android 4.3 Play game and shooting better

Google Nexus 4 Official update android 4.3
Cheap phone once famous Google Nexus 4 is about to be updated to Android 4.3 with many new features. Specifically, the new Android update for Nexus 4 will improve sensor less sensitive situation that some smartphone users have complained. OpenGL graphics engine is also helping to upgrade the game better displayed on the screen Nexus 4.

Google Nexus 4 upcoming software update: Play game and shooting better

Android 4.3 update for the Google smartphone delivers new imaging applications, supporting many more customized user wants to save the moment. Meanwhile, the interface also supports horizontal screen.

Next week, July 24, Google will hold an event where it is expected the announcement of the Official Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. The update should be pushed out via OTA for all Nexus 4 phones starting with the next day.
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Firmware Leaked


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