(Guide) remedy treatment, repairs Sony Xperia phones water into inside machine / disclosed by Sony Mobile

To produce a waterproof Xperia not simply sealed back cover that also comes with many test phases, intricate reinforced by special machines, and of course not to modify the This model is not simple at all. If you take it off by hand, then 100% of the machine when you replace the water will spill into. 

Sony Mobile branches in China for the first time revealed the process that they repair to a waterproof Xperia. The process basically consists of certified water plant infection by changing color litmus paper, checking the pressure inside the machine with specialized equipment then identify infected machines are actually the country or not, unplug the machine with temperature high, after the replacement reassembled inside the waterproof sheet and reinforced body heat back again. 

So a word of advice for you is to use as waterproof Xperia Xperia Z, ZR Xperia, Xperia Acro S, Xperia
Go, Xperia Z Ultra ... so when that fails they should not attempt to remove or bring the machine to the repair shop usual, because the risk of water leaking into the interior is extremely high.

Below are guidelines to remedy treatment, repairs Sony Xperia phones water into inside machine


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