How to hide three-button touch function for Z xperia phones?

Dear friends, today I would like to guide you to hidden 3 function buttons (Back, Home, Recent Apps) Xperia Z's going to enjoy the wonderful 5'' screen of Z. You can make the Xperia T, V, ... machine has three touch this button.

- Preparation:
+ + Machine has root.
+ + Program LMT: used to make the function keys.
+ + FullScreen toggle Program: 3 keys used to hide the touch.

- Implementation:

+ + Download and install the program on numerous machines LMT.
+ + Run LMT, allowing root access (if asked).
+ + Program LMT configuration as follows:

  • AutoStart: Enable
  • TouchServie Mode: Pie
  • Gesture input: 2 (Xperia majority will be 2)
  • Scroll down the PieControl:
  1. Area Position: select the location where you will scan in there to touch the button. I choose Bottom for convenience.
  2. Area thickness: the thickness of the scanning sensor nodes to appear. To default or change your mind.
  3. Area length: width of the scanning area. I put 1280 it stretches the width of the screen (when to vertical).
  • Navigate through card Pie: (from right to left claw to move tab)
  1. Select the Pie item 1, item 2 Pie, .... to select the corresponding function keys like Back, Home, ...
  2. Pie 1 will close the right. That is if you want the Back button near the left edge, then you will choose Back to Pie last item.
+ + After the change, the screen will appear 1 trail (the) black, you try to select the view that there appears little or no buttons. If you have properly configured.
+ + Setting to toggle FullScreen program, then run the program and allow root access.
+ + Choose Disable nav bar, full screen.
+ + is that you will have the results as shown below.
Wishing success!


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