HTC update to Android 4.2.2, via OTA HTC One Taiwan

Finally, HTC has begun distributing Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for HTC One users via OTA protocols, updates directly on your PC. This new update is 465MB and the current capacity, users in Taiwan have begun to receive update notifications, the need to wait for some more time. Android 4.2.2 for HTC One brings many new features, you can find out in detail in previous articles on this rom: Try Android 4.2.2 ROM leak of HTC One. Basically, the machine will be faster and smoother, especially long runs quite cool and battery, home button has added functionality of the Menu button.

The cook from the original, with a few more customization, optimization: Android Revolution HD 10.1

I myself use the number 2, that it is quite stable, smooth running machine and is not particularly hot. If you use the number 1 but that is not like that then switch to the use number 2 but okay. Now go into the details:

Texture and temperature

Feel the smooth running machine first, the operation is very happy and comfortable. Really, this is a very worthy update and unfortunately expected news that it will soon be officially launched. Machine runs cool, measured by software System Pannel saw average temperatures of about 35 degrees, web surfing over 3G never exceed 40 degrees at all. Along with brushed aluminum radiators are very fast, browsing the web with temperature 40 degrees, put in your pocket will not feel uncomfortable, this is what I love. In case the machine is still preferred as standby then hold on to the feeling of the cool air will help you support more uncomfortable.


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