IFTTT / Software automates many things on the phone iphone free download

IFTTT stands for the phrase "If THAT THIS coal" means that when a phone has made the A (THIS) then it is B (THAT) will be implemented soon. For example, if you just took a picture of the machine that will be up soon broken up Dropbox, Flickr or send via email, Facebook automatically upload pictures when you add the photo to an album in any phone, or automatically copy the content you add to Evernote Reminders to such software. IFTTT software on the iPhone (for free) to help you do things like that in an automated way, you just set the formula above, henceforth, dense air will follow.

IFTTT can interact with many other software and services (collectively referred to as Channel), such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Evernote, Instagram, Pocket, Dropbox, SkyDrive ... (Full view here). Usage of the software is also very simple, after downloading and opening up, you simply select 2 action and THAT THIS, THIS is the first act, called the conditions for action THAT is done, when THIS THAT happens, can happen after that.

The nice feature of IFTTT is that it can interact with the application of the system, such as contacts, calendars, reminders, pictures ... IFTTT also run a web-based version at www.ifttt.com, you can go here to create the recipe (Recipe) as above, then they will be automatically pushed to your phone and always running. Alternatively you can view and use a lot of recipes created by others available on this website. With IFTTT, my thought life and our work will become easier and all the data will always be full backup, more careful.


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