Install CWM Recovery Guide for Sony Xperia Z, Requirements That Your Phone Has Root

CWM Recovery is a tool to install such a custom rom, apps, themes ... form. zip, in addition, it also helps to backup / restore 1 firmware / rom (like ghost on the win).

The CWM has 2 parts, to have unlocked bootloader (UB) and not unlock bootloader.

To install CWM, you require a computer and the computer has installed root adb drivers (beta drivers installed on FlashTool to Z).

1. With the UB not:

1.1. Install:
- On Xperia Z, the selected settings unknown sources and usb debugging
- Plug into PC (computer still open)
- Unzip the folder CWM, run install.bat

1.2. How to use:
- Reboot Xperia Z
- When the Sony logo appears, press the hold button to increase or decrease the

1.3. Note:
- There is a trial version, so there may be errors

2. With the machine UB:
2.1. Install:
- Download CWM kernel, renamed and copied kernel.img fastboot folder
- Reboot your device, plug it into the PC Xperia Z in fastboot mode (hold the amplification and plug in)
- At the fastboot folder, open the cmd window, type:
fastboot flash boot kernel.img
- Turn off the cmd window, reboot
2.2. How to use:
- When the Sony logo appears and the LED turns red, hold the amplification button
2.3. Note:
- Only for 10.1.A.1.350 firmware or firmware rom based on this
- Computers installed fastboot


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