Instructions on how to optimize acceleration for Android smartphones

Instructions on how to optimize acceleration for Android smartphones
All users will want their smartphone running faster hon.Voi Android users, this has become one of the top priorities by the Android operating system is present on devices with different price range. Among them, the devices often have cheap and high-profile users hardly feel satisfied with their performance.

With the strong growth of the mobile industry, including those devices that were previously considered this crisis will be slow compared to the average. I would like to read you some basic methods as well as to improve the speed of computer processors.

Optimized screen and system
Having too many utilities (widgets) and use animated wallpapers (live wallpaper) on the main screen will make Android smartphone or your tablet computer running a little slower, especially if they have "aged". Please reduce the number of widgets you are using and you can see the machine's performance is slightly improved.

Animated wallpapers and animations (animation) very nice but they will make your screen as well as the entire system resource consuming process making computer slow or even shock. Because basically, the use of wallpaper and animation effects like you are running an external video background. That's not to mention the loss of battery by using this feature.
Optimized screen and system
Turn off the animation if you want to improve speed
Of course, if you own a high-end device, does not affect things too much on the performance of the machine.

Turn off or remove the useless applications
First, to say that apps like Advanced Task Killer is not necessary, because Android management programs are quite good. In addition to completely turn off background applications counterproductive, because it makes the next time you start the application it going longer.

Also, some Android users have experienced that this application will cause hardware damage. Although information is still controversial, it is better that we should not use a task killer apps, because after all they did not benefit at all.

However, there are some cases of bad or corrupted application will cause the processor to work very hard and slow system. You go to the service manager is running and stop their activities. If necessary, remove them and hope app developers will improve in the future.
Turn off or remove the useless applications
Stop the applications you do not use
Also, please delete the apps you do not use. Do not worry if they are system apps (system apps - such as Google Maps, pre-loaded if purchase), because although the Android operating system does not allow you to delete them, but they have Titanium Backup. However, be careful what you delete. You can "freeze" (Freeze) them to see what the consequences before you erase completely.
... delete what they like with Titanium Backup, but use caution
Using other browsers
Original Android browser is updated only when the operating system on your computer is updated. This means that if you unfortunately stuck with the old version of Android, 2.3 Gingerbread, chances are, the other original browser is outdated.
Using other browsers
The good news is Firefox for Android could run on Gingerbread and offers surfing speeds much faster than the original application. Those lucky users running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or later can use Chrome. In addition, Dolphin Browser is also rated as one of the best browser for Android now. The flow of customers every month free surfing tight can download Opera Mini, allow you to save up to 80% of the traffic. All are available on the App Store Play Store.

If you have experience or desire to "fiddling" Android, the last two methods are for you and truly bring completely new experience.

Overclocking processors
Like a PC or laptop, you can overclock the processor Android devices to make them work faster. This method requires you to root the machine. If you meet these conditions, visit the Play Store app store, download the app SetCPU and raise the clock speed of the processor. But remember that if you "excesses", your device will produce more heat and cause hardware damage. Overclocking will reduce battery life.
Adjust the clock speed of the processor
Upgrading the operating system, install custom ROM

No doubt, the new Android version will work better than the old version. A typical example is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, is equipped with technology Butter Project smoother experience than Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich:

If the manufacturer of your equipment does not allow you to update to the new Android version, do not just worry because there will be a custom ROM to do that. A custom ROM is basically a version of the Android operating system, is made specifically for your device and will bring definite improvement, especially in terms of processing performance. One of the most popular custom ROM CyanogenMod now, the latest version is 10.1, which is developed on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.


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