Instructions on how to unlock the password "format string" on the Android phone screen

Instructions on how to unlock the password "format string" on the Android phone screen
If you do not remember the password "string" model in your Android smartphones, this article will give way to regain access to the device quickly.
Mobile operating systems now provide features to protect smartphone users from the lock screen. You can set a password with numbers or figures-G string to unlock the device. This helps you to avoid the risk of someone using your phone on purpose bad.

However, the case you do not remember the model set key string is not how rare. After trying numerous times to try again, you seemed to have all been thinking about going to reinstall rom.
In such situations, a software created by a team member of XDA forum will be the cure for you. This method will help users easily regain access to the device is locked by password format model. A special feature is the way it can work well on all devices running the Android operating system, has root or not though. Basically, the method will use the XDA Android Debug Bridge or ADB (a tool that comes with the Android SDK that allows you to manipulate your computer through command line. You can enter and interfere with the file system phone / tablet Android via PC without rooting).
Unlock password "string" on Android devices
Here we will guide you to regain access to the device if the password can not unlock pattern string.

Some noteworthy points of this method:

- XDA unlock method works with all devices not root or root. However, how can unlock almost 100% success on the machine has root, while some machines can not root will fail.

- The information in this article is aimed at providing guidance and education.

- Use this method has a number of potential risks for the device.

- Before applying, you read correctly manipulate and process steps.


- Before unlock, conditions are ideal Android devices have USB Debugging is enabled, it is best to have the root. If the machine is not root, the device uses the kernel to allow adb shell command set.

To avoid bad situations happen, from now on you immediately activate USB Debugging on your device.

+ To enable USB Debugging on devices running Android 4.0 or later, you go to Settings> Developer Options. Integrated USB Debugging check box.

+ With the device running an older version of Android, go to Settings> Applications> Development. Then also integrates USB Debugging check box.

+ Your computer must be installed ADB

+ You will need a USB cable to connect the Android device to your computer

- Make sure the phone battery / tablet you must be over 75% or more to avoid collapse during processing resources.

- Backup all personal data on your phone to avoid missing data (eg, contacts, SMS, MMS, Internet Settings, Wi-Fi passwords, ...).
Unlock password "string" on Android devices
Began troubleshooting

1. Connect Android device and your computer using the USB cable.

2. Open command window on the computer (for Windows operating system that the application Command Prompt command line interpreter).

3. You start the command line enter the following into the window that opens. Note: Press Enter after each line:

adb shell
cd / data / data / / databases
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value = 0 where name = 'lock_pattern_autolock';
update system set value = 0 where name = 'lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';

. Quit
adb reboot
Unlock password string on Android devices
4. After the device reboots, you continue to enter the following command:

adb shell
rm / data / system / gesture.key
adb reboot

5. Your device will reboot again. After the reboot is complete, it will ask you to enter a password string model, now you can optionally enter any model you want and equipment will be fully unlocked.

6. After you regain access to the device, if that person or forgotten, the best you can set a password as a string or a number of new and remember it in such a book.
Unlock password string on Android devices
If you apply the right steps as above, the success rate is very high while the risk that the device is tiny face. This will be a procedure that you can pay attention to the urgent use. However, use this method if your true purpose and apply it to trying to infiltrate Android devices of other users, it is a crime to make and can be responsible before the law.

Reference: XDA


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