iPhone 4 to cause "dangerous" electric shock accident

Wu Jiantong mother worried because their children are in danger.
iPhone 4 to cause "dangerous" electric shock accident. In Beijing, a man was electrocuted when plugging charger for iPhone 4.

After iPhone 5 fatal electric shock to users in China, the iPhone 4 to cause "dangerous" electric shock accident, cause electrocution accident for 30-year-old man in Beijing Wu Jiantong. Wu Jiantong was electrocuted from iPhone 4 when the machine is plugged.

According to the victim sister, Wu Jiantong shouted "electric shock" then fell down and started convulsing, foaming at the mouth. After the electrocution accident, the victim's heart has stopped beating, but the doctor tried his best to save his life. Currently, Wu has Jiantong of danger but still was unconscious because of brain damage caused by lack of oxygen. He is still being treated special to revive her.
iPhone to cause dangerous electric shock accident
Primary cause of this accident by Wu Jiantong sister said he was using the iPhone 4 with Apple's battery chargers. This case once again alert iPhone users, iPad in particular and the general phone charger use underground, unsafe.


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