iPhone 5S and iPad 5 super hard shell made ​​of liquid metal

Rumor: iPhone 5S and iPad 5 super hard shell made of liquid meta, illustration
Crucible Intellectual Property, a joint venture company between Apple and Liquidmetal Technology has received a patent related to the creation and application of liquid metal. Thanks to this new technology, the plant can produce 6,000 km per year of liquid metal with thickness from 0.1 to 25 mm and width of 3 m. Besides, in the right to receive a patent, Intellectual Property Crucible also mentions the use of liquid metal for the manufacture of electronic equipment, especially in the framework and details some of the iPhone components , iPad or wristwatch. From there, a quick assumption can be set as 5S or iPhone 5 Apple's iPad will own a shell made from liquid metal?

iPhone 5S and iPad 5 super hard shell made of liquid metal, basically, liquid metal, an alloy of substances such as zirconium, titanium, nickel and copper, which help its surface shiny, and luxurious looks like "liquid". Compared with aluminum material is used on the iPhone 5, the liquid metal possesses
many superior advantages. Specifically, the liquid metal material stiffness and high strength steel with twice. Not only that, making hard / liquid metal weight 3 times higher. This alloy is strong, lightweight, with elasticity and scratch resistance, while touching the glass feel. Moreover, an advantage of the liquid metal is more likely to form different shapes. Instead of a flat surface such as the back of the iPhone 5, thanks to liquid metal that new generation iPhone could be curved backside or any idea that Apple created.

However, the possibility of Apple technology applications of liquid metal on the iPhone 5S is not really high, or maybe it is only for a small number of components as openers only SIM or SIM tray. The reason for this is the cost of materials are quite expensive. Besides, in the past few months, we have seen some leaked photos of the iPhone 5S framework and it seems it still is the aluminum casing.
Rumor: iPhone 5S and iPad 5 super hard shell made of liquid metal
iPhone 5S and iPad 5 super hard shell made of liquid metal, the hardware configuration parameters of the iPhone 5s were also revealed from a Chinese website. Specifically, the iPhone 5S will be equipped with 4-inch IGZO screen 640x1.136 pixel resolution. Although the pixel density on the iPhone's screen is not as high as some 5S Full HD smartphone but IGZO technology promises to bring clarity and brightness as well as the ability to save great power. 5S A6 chip will run like its predecessor the iPhone 5, but the clock increase. At the same time computer graphics also owns the quad core PowerVR SGX544MP4 graphics instead of three core as the iPhone 5.

The source also confirmed that the iPhone 5S will be equipped with up to 2 GB of RAM to support multitasking smoother. In addition, this smartphone will also be added to NFC technology and fingerprint scanning system to support mobile payment features when shopping. Camera on the iPhone 5S also promised to raise the level of 12 megapixel resolution and dual LED flash support. It is expected that iPhone 5S will be announced in the fall of this year.

Reference: PhoneArena.com


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