iPhone 5S and iPhone 5: What You Need to Know

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5: What You Need to Know 1
Although no official information about the next generation of the iPhone product line hit, the technology community is expected that Apple will release the iPhone 5S in a certain time of the year. And while a truism that the iPhone 5 is about to be replaced by a higher peak product, this device will still be a great choice for the consumer, this means that the iPhone 5 will be a formidable opponent for "brother" 5S.
If you are looking to shop a "theme" iOS peak, this article will give you the basic information to compare these two products.

1. Speed
You should know this: iPhone 5S will certainly faster than the iPhone 5. According to inside information from Apple, the next generation of the iPhone product line is designed to keep as "predecessor" but improvements in camera and an upgraded processor for faster iPhone 5. The processor of the iPhone 5S is rumored to be similar A6X chip on the iPad 4, or likely will be entirely new A7 chip offers better performance. Whatever the case, the user can still find satisfaction in terms of speed when compared to the iPhone 5S A6 chip in the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5S and iPhone 5: What You Need to Know 2
In addition, other information referring to the iPhone 5S will be installed to support LTE technology to enhance the ability to download up to speed "super terrible" 150 Mbps, 15 times higher speed networks 4G currently. This technology can not show the difference immediately clear when the new iPhone 5S launch, however, make sure the user experience will be completely new feeling when the "big" as Verizon deployed improve their LTE packet level in a short time. Anyway Vietnam user will probably still be "waiting for their" day to be "immersed" in the speed of LTE network technology.

It is also highly likely that the iPhone 5S will be designed Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac, if this is true, the iOS faithful will be able to access internet with high speed 3 times the current through the network Wi-Fi.

2. Design
In accordance with the historical process of the iPhone product line, as well as the recent rumors, the design style of the iPhone 5S will be hard to happen. We can not be sure that the next generation of this product will look like, however, highly likely that Apple is still maintaining his design on each device for a period of 2 years, and the iPhone 5S will still keep their familiar style of "predecessor".
iPhone 5S and iPhone 5: What You Need to Know 3
Designs "glamor" on Apple devices is undeniable, the design of the iPhone 5 is still bold "sexy" as the title of this product is light and almost thinnest on the market today . Made in California Corporation will be wise to continue to introduce users something to ensure more certainty for the next generation of this device, especially at the edges of the aluminum products very easy to be scratched.

The designers keep on iPhone 5S is almost going to happen, so for users who hate the design of the iPhone 5, this upcoming smartphone will not be the logical choice. However, with the iOS faithful and those who preferred perfection, iPhone 5S is a device that should not be ignored.

3. Camera
The rumor that a lot of different information about the iPhone 5S, however, they all have the same opinion that the next generation iPhone will be equipped with upgraded camera inside the slim aluminum frame design This was. Most likely Apple will equip 13 MP camera from Sony on 5S, standard number of cameras on the current high-end smartphone, the ability to capture still images and video with better quality in noisy environments. Undeniably camera on the iPhone 5 as well, but will certainly still have "gaps" for improvement.
iPhone 5S and iPhone 5: What You Need to Know 4
In addition, recent rumors indicate that the iPhone 5S will probably come along with a number of features "home-grown" Apple for the camera, it can be shown the ability to slow (slow-motion) and allows the user to speed 120fps video recording.

4. Price
The good news for users who do not want to spend too much money for their mobile devices such as the latest generation iPhone launch, iPhone 5 will be the device that they should consider.
iPhone 5S and iPhone 5: What You Need to Know 5
iPhone 5 have been and still will be very great equipment thanks to full hardware design "sexy" by Apple, and the author would like to emphasize on the "apple defect" is always wise to keep your foundation work launched a few years before launching the new version. In fact, Apple tends to "little pet" updated iPhone platforms in 3 years time, eg with iPhone 3GS iOS 4 has received the iPhone 4 launch, the iOS 5 4S launch iPhone 5 and iOS 6 when released.

This means that the iPhone 5 will remain a top product and well worth the purchase when the iPhone 5S launch, of course with a lot cheaper price. It is possible that Apple will start iPhone 5S with prices at U.S. $ 199.99 in the contract with the network, this will push down the price of iPhone 5 is 99 USD or less.
Reference: gottabemobile.com


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