Leakage few new features on the BlackBerry 10.2: Can interact with a notification, supports Wi-Fi Direct

Recently a forum member from CrackBerry unexpectedly posted a photograph of the screen of the BlackBerry device running 10.2 - The next update of BB 10.1, for users Z10, Q10 and Q5. Accordingly, most likely in the next update BB 10.2, users will be able to interact directly with the notification bar, which is specific in email or text message. More specifically, when there is a new message or new email, we will reply immediately easy to just touch the bar at the top. In addition, the source also revealed that you also have the ability to reply and interact directly with messages from outside the lock screen - this will help users save time, not waste public access access to each specific application to view content.

In addition, 10.2 BlackBerry will also be added to the Wi-Fi Direct feature for the BlackBerry 10 devices. With Wi-Fi Direct, the smartphone as Q10, Q5 or Z10 will easily transmit information and data to support the machines have other WiFi access point without or password. Finally, as the picture shows, it looks like BlackBerry 10.2 will also deeply integrated into the systems and Evernote Evernote itself will be developed by the original code BB10 - similar to Box or Dropbox.

It is not clear when the specific BlackBerry BB Release 10.2 upgrade, maybe they are rushing to complete the last beta before taking them to the user.

According to CrackBerry


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