LG Optimus G2 will be the first phone with 3GB of RAM?

A South Korean newspaper, hometown LG phone company, said the G2 Optimus is about to be released will be the first handset in the world to be equipped with up to 3GB of RAM. The machine will be introduced in South Korea in mid-July and the world premiere on 7/8 at New York. In addition, people will also say G2 chip is equipped with the most powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 screens 5 "Full-HD and 13 MP camera.

Previously, LG is also the first company to introduce phone has 2GB month 5/2012, which is the Optimus LTE 2 to compete with the Galaxy S3 then only 1GB of RAM. It is rumored that after G2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 of the next product will be equipped with 3GB of RAM and introduced at the end of this summer.

Some other information related to this issue is SK Hynix, specializing in the manufacture and supply of RAM for electronic devices has also recently introduced RAM 8Gb (Gigabit, 8Gb equivalent 1GB) LPDDR3 first in the world. This means that the phone company can equip up to 4 bar 8Gb to bring a total of 4GB of RAM, 3GB is not necessarily only. SK Hynix said it would start going into mass production at the end of this year on the RAM so it can be the first product that has 4GB of RAM will be available next year.

According to AndroidAuthority


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